21 April 2015 @ 12:25 pm
Fic: Last of the Rift Born. (1/?)  
Yes, I know the Torchwood/Being Human crossover isn't quite finished, but I will get there shortly. So for anybody still reading my Torchwood fics, here finally is a Jack/Ianto one. Okay, mostly Ianto to start, but Jack does turn up eventually.

Title: Last of the Rift Born (1/? Probably about 10)
Rating: Adult over all – this part PG.
Word count: This part 1650. Total will be at least 20k.
Pairing. Jack/Ianto
Contains: Mention of canon character death (Ianto – but this is a fix-it fic, so not permanent) and temporary Jack death in later part.

Summary: Alone in the House of the Dead Ianto has a choice to make. The result of which will change his life forever. (Set directly after Jack leaves in House of the Dead radio play.)

Telling Jack that he wasn't going to follow him out of the House of the Dead was one of the hardest things that Ianto had ever done. )
12 March 2015 @ 07:05 pm
Sir Terry Pratchett  
The world lost a great writer today. I heard the news on the bus home from work tonight, and for a moment couldn't believe that it was true. Still rather stunned.

BBC news announcement
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23 February 2015 @ 04:36 pm
Actually managed a bit of time for writing today, so hopefully I'll get part 39 of Lives are for living posted by the end of the month - then only one more part to go, and then I can start (well finish writing the Torchwood episode fics. I've got just over half the first episode written and about a quarter of the second.

All rather later than I'd planned but it's happening, if slowly. Hoping for more time for writing next month.
09 February 2015 @ 03:59 pm
Writing....when am I supposed to have to time for that.  
So writing... Yeah almost nothing happening in the last couple of weeks. Work, life and just about everything being really busy. Not bad, just not giving me any free time.

The next two weeks doesn't look like being any less busy. Husband's birthday, valentines day, friend's 60th birthday party, school half term, sorting out what little one needs for swimming lessons (and not what he keep adding to the list which includes a diving helmet, a snorkel and a some kind of magic thing that will let him breath water like a fish) and being as he's still five I've got to get in the water with him at the pool. So swimming costume and prescription googles for me (no glasses in the pool and contact lenses and chlorinated water do not mix, but if I want to see the other side of the pool I'm going to need to wear something). Hopefully they won't want me to do much more than stand in the water as I can't swim. (I had lessons about 15 years ago at university, and baffled the swimming instructor by having absolutely no natural buoyancy whatsoever. Maybe a decade and a half plus a stone or two of extra weight will mean I float better than a brick this time.

So writing, I need to find time, somewhere...somewhen. The biggest problem is having lost most of the evenings, as the Alexander stays awake and wanting to talk until about 9 at night - he's in bed for 7 and sleep used to happen at 8, but the better he gets at reading the longer he stays awake and the more questions he has. Why does the world spin? Is a whale bigger than a dinosaur? Why does jelly wobbly? What's the biggest building ever? Where does food go when I eat it? A selection if questions from just one night and all needed answering right there and then.

Curiosity is good, but when I've been awake for 15 hours and still need to do the washing up, washing, tidying and making sure things are ready for the next day, a few less questions per bed time would be good. He could even ask them during the day when he's telling me he's bored.

So writing will happen. Somewhen.
11 January 2015 @ 05:09 pm
Torchwood: Virtual series.  
Following on from my post the other day about what my next big writing project would be, I've been sorting out the 'episode' list for my Torchwood virtual series.

It follows almost directly on from Secret and Hope. (So team is Jack, Ianto, Gwen, Andy and a OC called Ruth who's doing the medical side of things)

Episodes and titles.

1. Alien delegates at a hotel and a visit from John Hart. (Past Sins)

2. Hybrid 'dogs' on a remote farm. (In the Dark)

3. A gang is trying to buy weapons that have fallen through the Rift. (Untitled as yet.)

4. Girl with Pyrokinesis. (Born of Fire)

5. A company accidentally turns employees into robot zombies while developing alternative fuel source. (Compound 571)

6. History is repeating itself - but who is behind it? (Fault Lines part 1)

7. Past and Present continue to blur and the team must stop it (Fault Lines part 2)

8. The lonely AI of a long crashed spaceship is loose on the airwaves. (In the Wind)

9. The mutilated, eyeless body is their first clue something is wrong (Dead Pretty)

10. Fly-tipping - Rift style (Fever)

11. An urban explorer gets more than they bargained for (Zero Sum)

12. Martha needs their help and the team lay a trap for one of their own. (Up in the Air)

13. Follows on directly from 'Up in the Air.' Bilis plays his hand. (End Game)

So this is the list. Each one will be about 10-12k each. A fair bit of some of the parts is already written, so I am at the moment aiming for beginning posting from about Mid February with one episode a week being posted.

Really looking forward to writing this, as although the fandom is smaller now than it was, there are still so many stories left to tell. And who knows, maybe this might only be the first of a few virtual series (not promising anything regular though - Thinking up and writing 13 episodes every year might be a bit much for one person.)
08 January 2015 @ 04:52 pm
Case fic type ideas wanted for a Torchwood virtual series type thing.  
Yes, with the giant Torchwood/Being Human crossover nearing its end (only two chapters left and will be finished this month) I have turned my attention to writing Torchwood fic again.

So I am finally going to finish the virtual series type thing that I began ages ago (although haven't posted anywhere yet). It follows on from by fic Secrets and Hope (which was a Children of Earth fix it.)

So my plan such as it is a full 'series' of fic episodes. I want to do a full 13 episode series.

I've got plans for most of the 'episodes' and some are partial written, but I need two more case fic type ideas.

I've got so far.
Alien delegates holding conference in Cardiff as they consider it neutral ground - it doesn't go to plan (when does it ever for Torchwood?) and it is in part at least John Harts fault.

A group of people have got hold on an alien dog like creature and have created hybrid for the purpose of illegal dog fighting.

A problem with the Rift where certain place are having pieces of history repeat themselves.

There is an ancient crashed alien ship and the AI on board in loose on the airwaves/wifi signals and is accidentally causing chaos.

Somebody has been fly tipping waste from a future/alien/other dimensional hospital ship. A relative of PC Andy is unlucky enough to dig it up in the back garden of the house he's bought.

Company trying to make a new source of sustainable fuel accidentally turn part of work force into kind of semi-robtic zombies.

An urban explorer finds more than he bargains for when she breaks into an old mill building, sets in progress a chain reaction that might explode or irradiate Cardiff (Because it's Torchwood and that has to happen at least once a year)

The time repeating itself one will be a mid-series double episode. And I can't give away what the end will be.

However, if anybody has any ideas for case fic type things, these are the characters appearing it/able to appear in it.

Jack, Ianto, Gwen, Rhys, PC Andy, DCI Kathy Swanson, John Hart, Martha, Ianto's sister and her family. A reoccurring OC Dr Ruth Armitage (who is in Secrets and Hope).

Also Tosh (Yes, this continues with the fix it theme in Secrets and Hope with the intention of the old team being back together by the end)

Owen and Bilis Manger are also around - but due to over arching plot it's not possible to have interacting with in any major way with the rest until the final double episode part.

Got another idea for a storyline. Illegal cosmetic surgery type procedures using tech that has come through the Rift. Team find out when a body is discovered. (It will also allow me to use a couple of scenes I've had written for years, but didn't have any other storyline to pull them together. )
05 January 2015 @ 04:20 pm
Looking back on the old and forward to the new.  
Time for the new years post again - meant to do it on the 1st, but have just been too busy.

So what were my goals from last year.

Reading and Writing.
Read one book a week, even if it's a novella or a longer fanfic. Kind of happened - but only if I include all the books for Alexander that I read - although re-reading the faraway tree and Narnia books has been good.
Keep writing - aim for 2k a week. - 154k of posted fic, plus some original stuff and bits I've not posted yet which is probably easily another 20k, so a result there I guess.
Finish my Being Human/Torchwood crossover fic. Not quite, just only three parts left to post and one of those is done bar the editing.
Write some more original fic - the werewolf/psychic one set in and around Bradford. Wrote a bit more of it, but not as much as I would have liked.
Take part in another Nanowrimo -(July or November as camp nano in April isn't likely to happen as work is going to be ridiculously busy with a new computer system and new pension scheme to tell people about)  Started the Novemeber one, but didn't finish as family things, mostly the death of my Gran meant too many things on my mind rather than writing.

Outdoors and other active things.
Learn to ride a bike and help Alexander to learn to ride - aiming to do this before I turn 35 at the end of May. Kind of, I can sort of ride a bit, I really need to find time to practce more.
Grow herbs in the garden. Didn't happen, and there's really no good reason why not.
Go to reenactment events again and take Alexander with me. Managed to get to Tatton Park and to Bamburgh Castle and he enjoyed it, so I need to get sewing again
Have a few days out, even if they are just a picnic in the park. Managed the park part of it, hoping to get out doing more walking with Alexander this summer as he's old and able to walk further now.
Go to the seaside at least once. - kind of, but only because the reenactment event at Bamburgh was on the coast.

So on to this year.
So far the start isn't too bad. At work we've finally got a pay rise - the first in about 5 years - okay 2% isn't a huge amount only about another £4 a week, but it's a move in the right direction.  Work is also going to be moving buildings in a few months (still in the same city, only about 2 minutes walk from the old one), out of the old Victorian building were in to one built about 15 years ago - which hopefully has a reliable heating and computer system.

Reading and writing.
Write 2k a week (the same as last year)
Finish the first draft of my original werewolf story.
Read one book/long fan fic a week.
Finish writing and start posting my virtual series type sequel to Secrets and Hope (which would meet my writing goal all by itself for word count)

Other stuff to aim for in the year.
Finish my medival gown and get a belt for it.
Go to at least 2 reeneactment events.
Walk somewhere I've not been before ( even if it's only local like the The Judy Woods or Queensbury)
Take Alexander to see a pantomine or kids show at the theatre.
Have a ruthless clearout of old clothes that I don't wear any more.
Get some DIY done - the hall needs painting and the kitchen needs a bit of a spruce up.
Go down to my mum's house and help her do a big tidy up (she needs a skip - I'm not even joking, I said I'd arrange one for her.)
12 December 2014 @ 12:16 pm
Fic meme  
Answer the following 10 questions based only on the stories you've posted to AO3:

1) Which fandoms have you written in?
Torchwood, Doctor Who, Primeval, Being Human, Discworld and Spooks: Code 9, Whitechapel, Rivers of London.

2) Your best story title and why? Things Lost and Found Along the Way. It seems to sum up the story and it was one of the few where the title was already there at the start.

3) Your worst story title and why? Not as Planned. For ages it was untitled and it was only named what it was because I couldn't think of anything else. It still sounds like it should be about having a baby rather than crash landing on an ice planet.

4) The most popular pairing you've written for (by the standard of how many stories exist for that pairing written by everyone on AO3)? Jack/Ianto with 30 fics, the next closest is Ianto/Owen with 5 and Gwen/Rhys with 4.

5) The rarest pairing you've written for (by the standard of how many stories exist for that pairing written by everyone on AO3) ? Andy Davidson/Tom Mcnair. There is one fic for it on AO3 and that's by me.

6) The most popular OT3/moresome you've written for (by the standard of how many stories exist for that pairing written by everyone on AO3)? I've only written one OT3 which was Closer Together and Further Away, Jack/Ianto/Owen.

7) The rarest OT3/moresome you've written for (by the standard of how many stories exist for that pairing written by everyone on AO3)? Also Jack/Ianto/Owen, as it's the only OT3 I've written.

8) First story and latest story you posted to AO3?
The oldest story I have on AO3 is Control, a Torchwood gen fic. Latest is Lives are for Living a Torchwood/Being Human crossover fic currently a WIP.

9) Your top ten pairings on AO3
Jack/Ianto, Owen/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, Becker/Ryan, Owen/PC Andy, Ianto/PC Andy, Tom McNair/PC Andy, Jack/Owen, Owen/Tosh, Martha Jones/Mickey Smith

10) How many stories have you written with no pairings/OT3/moresomes listed? What's the breakdown on your stories' ratings?
33 gen out of 86, and 1 out of 86 OT3
01 December 2014 @ 04:51 pm
Lives are for living (36/40)  
lives are for living part 36 )
26 November 2014 @ 10:31 pm
Nan, we all thought you'd be around forever, we thought you'd see in your 100th birthday just a few short weeks away.

It was not to be.

You saw so much, lived though a century that saw so many changes in how we live. From a little girl who'd lost her father in the First World War, to a shop girl in Woolworths (because you didn't like the idea of going into service like your sisters) to a wife and mother living on a farm during the Second World War. You kept your family together through so much, including being made homeless in the late 1950s when your husband was no longer able to do his job as head carter on the farm and you lost your tied cottage as result. To finally being being housed in a council house over a year later after living as a family of six in a caravan in a field. The house that you continued lived in until now.

A grandmother and later a great-grandmother, family was always at the heart of everything you did and some of my earliest memories are of staying in your house, of you teaching me to knit and sew. How there was always homemade cake after tea on Sunday and how you let me and my brother pretend the kitchen table was a castle or a cave or a pirate ship by covering it with a sheet.

You may have been old in years, but you were always young at heart. Whether it was watching your favourite police and detective shows on the telly and trying to work out who did it, doing your crossword puzzles or listening and occassionally joining in singing to Chas and Dave or Status Quo, you were at the centre of all our lives for so very long.

Nan, you were one in a million, we were so lucky to have you in our lives for so long and to have so many happy memories of you.
25 November 2014 @ 10:42 am
Northern Lights - complete (9/9)  
Title: Northern Lights
Fandoms: Rivers of London, Shetland (BBC TV series)
Characters: Thomas Nightingale, Peter Grant, Sandy Wilson, Jimmy Perez, Alison 'Tosh' McIntosh. No pairings.
Rating: pg-13.
Word Count: 46,000
Warnings/Spoilers: No warnings apply. Spoilers for Rivers of London - Broken Homes and for Shetland - first two episodes only.

Summary: The theft of three Pictish stone carvings from a museum in London lead Peter and Nightingale to Shetland. The reason for the theft is clear: The stones are storage ancient devices for magical energy. Who took them and why is a lot less so. That Shetland has its own mythology and magics which are far closer to that of Scandinavia than London doesn't help matters.

Between the lack of information, the cold and wet January weather and Nightingale's cold, Peter can't help but wish they were back in London.

Crossover with Shetland. No knowledge of Shetland, which is a police drama set in Shetland, is needed. The story is from Peter's POV, and any information about the three detectives, DI Jimmy Perez, DS Alison 'Tosh' McIntosh and DC Sandy Wilson, who make up the core cast of Shetland will be found out where needed as Peter does.

Set post Broken Homes for Rivers of London and after series one of Shetland.

Starts here:

Final part. It looked better than rampaging trolls and magical sea people on the official report. )
16 November 2014 @ 04:09 pm
Fic:Northern Lights (8/9)  
Part eight )
11 November 2014 @ 01:23 pm
Remembrance Day.  
lest we forget

While Sunday was the day for the most of the remembrance services, today at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month is Armistice Day. And this year, 100 years since the start of World War One and with so many conflicts still destorying lives across the world today, it is perhaps even more important to remember why we hold this.

It is not to glorify or celebrate war or military might. It is to remember those who gave their lives, and in doing so think on the terrible human cost of war both to those who fought and to those left behind.

Although the First World War is now fast fading now from living memory it still remains something close to my own family. My nan, who will be 100 years old in January, lost her father in opening months of World War One, the batallion in which he served taking over 90% casualties in the first three months of the war.

Arthur Weller was just one of around 800,000 British soldiers who lost their lives between 1914 and 1918. He was 29 years old when he signed up in the August of 1914 and still 29 when on the 31st of October 1914 he was killed in action. He left behind three young daughters and a wife pregnant with their forth child, my nan.

A photograph of him in uniform, the only one they ever had of him, still hangs on my nan's wall.

It is hard to imagine the scale of loss of the First World War. 800,000 dead and many, many times that number injured. There were only 53 villages, the Thankful Villages , in the UK that did not lose at least one of their inhabitants to the war.

They called it the war to end all wars at the time, sadly they were proved to be wrong. So on this day we remember them and all those since who hve lost their lives through war. Not just the soldiers, but their families too and the terrible human cost of war.
02 November 2014 @ 10:32 am
Interesting things under London.

Interesting article about things that are under London. Not just the underground it includes underground rivers, bunkers and the Camden Catacombs. There's also the post office underground railway which was a seperate network from the passenger one.
23 October 2014 @ 11:33 pm
The Carpet People - is there fic and if there is where is it hiding?  
Pretty much what the title of the post says. I thought that one of the rules of the Internet, the often quoted rule 34, was tha that is something exists, somebody, somewhere has posted PWP about it.

So why no PWP or even any fic at all as far as I can tell (tried LJ AO3 and for the Carpet People? Okay, it's not one of the most well know of Terry Pratchett's books, but still it's not exactly super obscure.

Anybody know of any fic for this? Anywhere? I read whatever there is, although there if a preference for what Snibril and Bane did after they headed off together at the end of the book.