04 July 2014 @ 02:58 pm
Rivers of London Beta request - repost.  
I posted a couple of days ago about needing to find a beta for some Rivers of London fics I'm still looking.

I know most people on my flist aren't in the fandom and I don't think anybody whose beta'd for me before is part of it - hence the problem finding somebody.

I'm looking for spelling/grammar/wandering tenses kind of beta - so familiarity with the books probably isn't necessary beyond knowing they are urban fantasy set in London - British English is used.

So in the hope that maybe somebody could take a look at one or two of them I'm willing to write a drabble/ficlet for you in exchange - with any character/pairing/theme in any fandom I've previously written in.
02 July 2014 @ 01:50 pm
Beta request - yes another one.  
There are probably going to be a few of these over the next few weeks as I'm writing up to 10 fics for a Rivers of London fest type thing. (I say up to ten, because it's 10 things, and some might end up being art instead)

I've got a beta for the one I posted about the other day I'm now looking for somebody or multiple somebodies to look at two more.

Fic one is finished. Nightingale centric G rated Gen fic, (although could be read as Pre-Nightingale/Peter if you so wished), 1600 words. It contains a major spoiler for Book 4 of the series Broken Homes.

Fic Two is mostly finished - will be done in next day or two. It's Lesley centric gen fic, pg rated (little bit of swearing). Will be about 2000 words. It's basically one giant spoiler for an event in Book 4 of the series Broken Homes.
27 June 2014 @ 04:05 pm
spelling/grammar/missing words type beta request  

Would anybody be interested in betaing a short 2k fic? (and it really is 2k - not going to grow to 10k while I'm not looking like my other fics seem to - this is 2k and finished.)

It's mostly a background/reflective sort of piece about Nightingale from River of London. (Yes, I'm writing in another fandom) It has a sort of past/background pairing of Thomas Nightingale/David Mellenby. It's G/PG rated.

Spelling/missing words/ grammar type beta needed. Set pre 1st book in the series you don't really need to know anything about the books beta it, as most of the book stuff doesn't apply yet - the fic takes place between 1945 and 1976. The books are about 2010 onwards.

Not in a massive hurry to get it back, I don't need to post it until mid July.

07 July 2013 @ 03:46 pm
Beta request.  
I'm actually trying to be organised in writing by [ profile] longliveianto big bang fic, so rather than it be a rush at the end to get it beta by the deadline - which is in September, I'm going to try to find a somebody to beta it now.

Story information under the cut.

Story information under cut )
02 May 2013 @ 12:08 am
beta request for another torchwood-fest fic.  
Looking for a beta for another fic for [ profile] torchwood_fest

details under the cut )
15 April 2013 @ 06:57 pm
Many fic related things.  
For the first time in years I have no fics waiting for me to update. Everything that's posted is complete - although there are a couple that might get sequels written.

So what next? More fic :D what else.

Current project? writing a fic for one of the [ profile] torchwood_fest prompts. It's just over half written and I know what I want to write for the rest and am intending to have it done by the end of the week or sooner if I can.
I will need a beta for this. Details under the cut. )

Next big project? A complete re-write of Children of Earth. Basically keeping its tone more like s1 and 2, making UNIT less useless, giving Johnson a reason for doing what she did, more Rupesh, more Andy, Clem's strangeness making at least some sense, the re-appearance of Tarot Card Girl, more about why Jack did what he did in the 60's. more Jack/Ianto. Plus end that they can actually rebuild from which will actually tie into the whole 21st century is where it all changes tag line of S1 and 2.

When am I intending to post this? I'm aiming for early July. Basically four years on from when CoE aired.

And then? I still need to finish the virtual series 4 sequel(s) to Secrets and Hope. I'm planning to write as much as I can of it during Campnanowrimo in July, as VS4 is going to be about 100k (yes really)

I've got about a dozen short <5000 word fics that I should finish too.
21 February 2013 @ 03:42 pm
Beta request for Torchwood fest fic  
Still looking for somebody to beta by tw_classic_bb Classic Torchwood Big Bang fic.

Details here:

AU from start of Series 2. Jack came back from his trip with Doctor mortal again (but hasn't told the team yet)
But basically it's Jack/Ianto/Owen (No graphic sex scenes, just the before and after bits), hurt/comfort with hurt mortal!Jack and apparently because there wasn't enough hurt, hurt Ianto as well.) All stranded on an alien planet with friendly aliens who have a secret.

The first 6k is ready to go now. With the next 3k ready in a few days. Total length will be in the region of 15k 20k (Yes, it grew. When did anything I say I was writing ever end up with a lower word count?) For posting by on the 26th of March.

Looking for a spelling, missing words and grammar kind of beta.
13 February 2013 @ 09:23 pm
Beta request for Torchwood fest fic  
I'm looking for someone to beta my fic for [ profile] tw_classic_bb Classic Torchwood Bigbang.


Title: None as yet.
Rating: At least pg13 maybe an R at a push - mainly for Owen swearing, fade out sex scenes, and injury.)
Characters/Pairings: Past Jack/Ianto (sort of basically what you see of their relationship in Series one of Torchwood) Briefly Owen/Ianto (in this story) and eventually Jack/Ianto/Owen.
Brief appearances by Tosh and Gwen. Alien OCs.

Summary/Synopsis type thing: AU from start of series two - the John Hart + Gray thing didn't happen.

While retrieving a piece of space junk that has come through the Rift Jack, Owen and Ianto end up stranded on an alien planet with no way of getting home. Owen and Ianto are still trying to adjust to Jack being back (he came back about 2 weeks before) and Jack seems distant since having returned.

Story will include semi-aquatic aliens with roughly Iron Age technology and a secret. Jack only revealing once he's badly hurt that he came back from his trip with the Doctor mortal. Owen being a doctor and trying to get by with any contact lenses (because we see in S2 that geeky!Owen needs glasses, so ordinary Owen must use contacts), Ianto trying to deal with everything and eventually realizing that he doesn't have to do it all alone, and Jack facing up to being mortal again and the whole fall out of the Year that Never Was.)

(Happy ending with rescue provided by Tosh being smart and awesome and Gwen never giving up on them.)

This is third person, past tense. Ianto's viewpoint. Should be about 15k. I'm looking to post around the back end of March. The first 2k is ready to go for betaing right now.

Looking mainly for spelling, grammar, missing words type of beta, although if there's something that really doesn't work, let me know.

I can use track changes on Word or Open office.
30 December 2011 @ 12:58 pm
Beta request  
As some of you know I'm running the Classic Torchwood big bang comm [ profile] tw_classic_bb which will start posting on the 14th of Feb next year - or about 7 weeks from now.

I am also writing a big bang for it, and have decided to try to get it done ahead of time as I'll be busy running the comm, sorting out artists, posting dates etc as it gets nearer to the to the go live date.

I've got about 7k of the fic typed up, with at least another 1k in note books and all the rest planned out.

brief outline of fic under the cut )
08 September 2009 @ 01:39 pm
Beta request for Torchwood bigbang fic.  
As most of you probably know I'm taking part in [ profile] tw_bigbangand that the fic for it will need to be beta'd. I've now got about half the story written and will be sending in the rough draft on/around the 28th of Sept. so at around that time I will need a beta reader to get it ready for the final draft at the end of October, although I will probably be able to get the first half of the story to a beta reader earlier than the 28th Sept if they wanted.

The whole fic will be around 15-17k in length, and will be written in third person perspective (Jack) and present tense, as just about everything that I write is.

Basic details of fic that will appear in fic header. )