17 November 2012 @ 06:59 pm
New Burn Gorman film.  
Burn Gorman (aka Torchwood's Owen Harper) is in the lead role of a new film.

Up There
From BBC webpage.
It can be tough adjusting to your own death. That is the premise of a new British film called Up There, which sees the dead living among us, tied up in bureaucracy as they wait to be transferred 'up there'.

Torchwood's Burn Gorman plays the long-dead Martin - tasked with guiding the recently-deceased to their local 'Moving On' centre, complete with regular progress checks and seemingly endless group counselling sessions.

But when Martin's new partner frightens his very first client into running away, the pair are forced to travel cross-country to track him down.

The film, set in anonymous Glasgow alleyways and a sleepy Scottish coastal town, makes the afterlife seem as mundane as what comes before. And that's what attracted Gorman to the project.

"[Martin] doesn't deal with his issues in the film, or his emotional incontinence... he's just getting on with death, just like he did in life, like most of us.

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