27 May 2007 @ 01:30 pm
Icon and fic update  
Ok I should be finishing my tw_icon100 challenge today as i've only got three icons, all artists choice, left to do.
After that I will be working on the 25 general Torchwood icon and the 50 Jack/Ianto icons for fanfic 50 
One of the general TW icons for fanfic50 is finished, but I wont to post in batches of at least five so I wont be posting those for a while.  While these don't have a time limit on them I want to have them done in the next three months or so.

On the fic front 
I have two short fics that are ready to go to be beta's, these are for the dance and dress prompts for fanfic50
I have made a start on the first part of the Owen gen H/C fic, which covers the prompts bones, fade and road.
This will be a long fic and probably wont be ready for a while.
The extended version of the Like China drabble is still eating my brain, it at least now has a name, it will be called Picking Up The Pieces. 
It should by rights, be finished by now, but i just can't seem to get the scene where Ianto gets the mug knocked out of his hand correct, and it's driving me slowly mad that it just wont go right.
I do however have bits of the next two parts of it planned out and a couple of small scene in those written.

In the name of organisation I have sorted my fic's into complete, nearly complete, half finished and fragments.
I currently have six fics in the nearly complete category, and about eight more in the half finished one.
I will have something posted fic wise this week, and that's a definate.

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