14 May 2013 @ 07:34 am
Fic: Finding Ways To Smile Again.  
Written for [ profile] torchwood_fest and now it has been posted there for two weeks I can cross post.

Title Finding Ways to Smile Again.
Author [ profile] the_silver_sun
For Bingo/Prompt/Exchange Prompt 
Prompt  [ profile] jo02 Ianto is secretly rescued by Ten after he dies in Thames House, and taken onto the TARDIS. Work with what was televised of the rest of Day 4 and 5, no AU from what was seen on TV. Ianto is returned to Jack after he leaves Earth 6 months later. Your choice whether to concentrate on Ianto and Ten travelling, or the reunion and after Ianto and Jack are back together. Can be angst or angst with happy ending. 
Word Count 6400
Rating PG 
Contains Canon mention of death of a child. Spoilers for Children of Earth and for Doctor Who episode 'The End of Time' Crossover with Doctor Who.
Warnings None of Torchwood-fest's warnings apply to this story.
Summary Seeing Jack at the bar, so defeated, so lost, so sad, that had been heart-breaking.  There was only one thing for it, the Doctor decided, he had to find a way of bringing Ianto back to him.
Beta [ profile] iantojjackh
A/N Thank you to [ profile] iantojjackh for betaing this for me.

He'd misjudged him. Misjudged Jack. Again. )