15 March 2014 @ 09:37 am
Fic: Tipping Point. (Complete)  
Title Tipping Point.
Characters Anthony Michael McNair. (Mentions of other Being Human characters.)
Fandom Being Human
Rating PG
Word count 1300
Contains Non-graphic mentions of violence and brief mention of domestic violence (long past, not involving any of the characters)
A/NThis takes place during the episode Though the Heavens Fall in series 3. Although we know what happened to McNair in that, there is possibility that I might write a continuation of this with an AU of what happened. This doesn't fit in with my Torchwood/Being Human crossover fic.

Summary He'd lived a life of vengeance against the vampires who had ripped his old life from him so many years ago, but seeing George and Nina, the wolf relegated to one night a month and their plans for family life, made him realise another way was possible. Maybe it was too late for him to change, but for Tom he'd try, even if it cost him his life.

He saw them, George and Nina with their house, jobs and soon to grow family, the wolf safely relegated to a one night a month inconvenience and it hurt. He'd been a surveyor, albeit a very junior one, but he'd been on the way up. He had a life, a nice little flat, a car and friends he went to the pub with on a Friday night or to football. He'd been a young man making his way in the world. Then the vampires had taken him. Herrick and his murderous kind. Taking and ruining lives for their own twisted pleasures. )