03 August 2013 @ 09:49 am
Fic: Lives Are For Living. (1/?)  
Title Lives Are For Living. (1/?)
Fandoms Torchwood/Being Human crossover fic.
Characters/pairings Andy Davidson/Tom McNair. Other TW and BH characters will appear later on.
Word count: This part 1250. Total will be over 20k.
Rating This part all ages. Later parts adult.
Contains Mentions of depression/anxiety. Mentions of past canon character death. In later parts violence, graphic sex, Andy's homophobic mother.
A/N: Crossover with Being Human. Technically a CoE fix it as it's set in the same 'verse as Finding Ways To Smile Again (although that isn't apparent in much later in the story). Follows on from Break and Breakaway from Tom McNair's POV.

After being pushed out of the police force following the events of Children of Earth, Andy Davidson tries to build a new life for himself deep in the Welsh countryside.
Tom McNair walked out off his old life after realising it wasn't what he needed.
A chance meeting would take their lives in directions that they had never expected and bring them love that they'd not thought they'd find.

The countryside rolled away on either side of the landrover as Andy drove along the winding road that led up from Rhayader to the Elan Valley. )
12 May 2013 @ 10:59 pm
Fic: Break and Breakaway. (Complete - sort of.)  
So here's the first piece of the series fics that will eventually be Tom McNair/Andy Davidson. This one is all Being Human based, the next will be all Torchwood based as will be all about Andy post Children of Earth. After which point the third fic should actually be them meeting.

Not sure how much sense this fic will make unless you've seen the series five episode Pie and Prejudice.

Title: Break and Breakaway.
Characters/Pairings: Tom, Alex and Hal. (Plus mentions of other main characters)
Rating: PG
Word count: 2400
Contains: Mention of previous canon character deaths. Spoilers for things up to 5x03.
A/N: AU for 5x03 Pie and Prejudice. Although this is a standalone fic and can be read as such, it's also a prequel for a Being Human/Torchwood crossover fic series of that I'm currently writing.

Summary: Tom comes to a decision about his life.

It was better like this, he told himself as he slipped unseen out of Honolulu Heights in the middle of the night )