07 August 2010 @ 08:00 am
I've been nominated :)  

I've just found out that I've been nominated for 2 fics in the Children of Time Awards. (almost didn't as the emails had gone to my spam folder - that you yahoo, now I'm wondering what else I've not replied to because I don't check my spam filter) So thank you to Meatball42 who pm'd me to let me know she'd nominted me, so I actually thought to check my spam filter folder.

A Year out of Time, my PC Andy/Ianto 'year that never was'  TARDIS bigbang entry from last year.

And for

Inadvisable, But Good.  my Jack/Ianto gun play kink fic.

I don't even mind if I don't win, I mean just getting nominted I really something given people who've won it in the past.

I hope the people I nominted get their emails from Children of Time okay, and don't lose them in spam filters.


Current Mood: pleased