08 January 2015 @ 04:52 pm
Case fic type ideas wanted for a Torchwood virtual series type thing.  
Yes, with the giant Torchwood/Being Human crossover nearing its end (only two chapters left and will be finished this month) I have turned my attention to writing Torchwood fic again.

So I am finally going to finish the virtual series type thing that I began ages ago (although haven't posted anywhere yet). It follows on from by fic Secrets and Hope (which was a Children of Earth fix it.)

So my plan such as it is a full 'series' of fic episodes. I want to do a full 13 episode series.

I've got plans for most of the 'episodes' and some are partial written, but I need two more case fic type ideas.

I've got so far.
Alien delegates holding conference in Cardiff as they consider it neutral ground - it doesn't go to plan (when does it ever for Torchwood?) and it is in part at least John Harts fault.

A group of people have got hold on an alien dog like creature and have created hybrid for the purpose of illegal dog fighting.

A problem with the Rift where certain place are having pieces of history repeat themselves.

There is an ancient crashed alien ship and the AI on board in loose on the airwaves/wifi signals and is accidentally causing chaos.

Somebody has been fly tipping waste from a future/alien/other dimensional hospital ship. A relative of PC Andy is unlucky enough to dig it up in the back garden of the house he's bought.

Company trying to make a new source of sustainable fuel accidentally turn part of work force into kind of semi-robtic zombies.

An urban explorer finds more than he bargains for when she breaks into an old mill building, sets in progress a chain reaction that might explode or irradiate Cardiff (Because it's Torchwood and that has to happen at least once a year)

The time repeating itself one will be a mid-series double episode. And I can't give away what the end will be.

However, if anybody has any ideas for case fic type things, these are the characters appearing it/able to appear in it.

Jack, Ianto, Gwen, Rhys, PC Andy, DCI Kathy Swanson, John Hart, Martha, Ianto's sister and her family. A reoccurring OC Dr Ruth Armitage (who is in Secrets and Hope).

Also Tosh (Yes, this continues with the fix it theme in Secrets and Hope with the intention of the old team being back together by the end)

Owen and Bilis Manger are also around - but due to over arching plot it's not possible to have interacting with in any major way with the rest until the final double episode part.

Got another idea for a storyline. Illegal cosmetic surgery type procedures using tech that has come through the Rift. Team find out when a body is discovered. (It will also allow me to use a couple of scenes I've had written for years, but didn't have any other storyline to pull them together. )
31 August 2013 @ 06:12 pm
More fic ideas and a bit of a writing update.  
Continuing to write and post my Being Human/Torchwood crossover fic (despite it apparently being the least popular thing I've written, I'm still having fun writing it.)

Looking at the word count for this month I've realised that I've written and posted 16,000 words of fic this month - with about another 5000 words written but not posted. To keep on track for all that I want to write this year I need to keep that kind of word count every month for the next four months.

And even though I've got a load of other stories to write I'm still getting more ideas.

More story ideas that I don't have time to write (yet any way)

five fic ideas. 1 Torchwood and 4 Being Human. )
06 August 2013 @ 01:06 pm
Yet another plot idea - A Toshiko one this time.  
Just getting too many plot ideas at the moment. I saw [ profile] tw100 On The Run, so of course my brain provides something that is in no way, shape or form going to fit in a 100 word drabble.

The idea being.

Tosh managed to avoid being caught by UNIT (as happened in Fragments backstory), she then lived under the radar/off the grid whatever you want to call it for about three years. She makes her money by being a hacker for hire. One of these jobs involved some alien tech, but Tosh isn't aware of that at the time.

Soon after she becomes aware that somebody is tracking her on the net. The person isn't a skilled programmer, but they are obviously very clever, very persistent and have access to some very high end tech. Assuming its UNIT still after her Tosh, is about to run again, maybe set up in a different country, when she's found.

It's not by UNIT though. The person tracking her is Suzie Costello, who's been asked by Jack to find her and offer her a job at Torchwood. The reason behind the job offer is that an alien artifact that Jack and Suzie had been tracking down was one that Tosh had, via one of her hacking contracts, hidden from them. They need her to help get it back, because it could be dangerous in the wrong hands and they want somebody as skilled as Tosh on their side.

Suzie explains to her what could happen is the tech is not recovered. Tosh agrees to help get it back, but doesn't initially say she'll join Torchwood. They then work together to get it back, and Suzie and Tosh then take the alien artefact back to Torchwood 3.

They aren't long inside the Hub when an alarm starts to sound. Owen runs up out of the autopsy bay shedding a goo covered lab coat as he goes and Jack hurries out of his office coat in one hand, gun in the other.

Tosh asks what's happening. Basically is some strange technological thing has come through the Rift and is causing problems. Jack says some technobabble, says if they had a 'insert complicated bit of tech here' they'd be able to solve it a lot faster. Tosh says they could do it using a type of program to takeover some piece existing technology. Jack says "this is why we need you. Are you in?" Tosh says "yes." Jack - "Suzie get Toshiko logged into the mainframe. Owen you're with me." Jack reels off what he needs Owen to do Owen grumbles that they still need more staff.

Tosh and Suzie left in the Hub. "Is it always like this?" Tosh asks. Suzie, "No, usually it worse."

Tosh looks at the tech and computers that are now hers to use. She thinks she's going to like working for Torchwood.

So yes another plot idea. Who knows when/if I'll get round to writing this one. I might though as it's probably only about a 5-6k word idea.
15 April 2013 @ 06:57 pm
Many fic related things.  
For the first time in years I have no fics waiting for me to update. Everything that's posted is complete - although there are a couple that might get sequels written.

So what next? More fic :D what else.

Current project? writing a fic for one of the [ profile] torchwood_fest prompts. It's just over half written and I know what I want to write for the rest and am intending to have it done by the end of the week or sooner if I can.
I will need a beta for this. Details under the cut. )

Next big project? A complete re-write of Children of Earth. Basically keeping its tone more like s1 and 2, making UNIT less useless, giving Johnson a reason for doing what she did, more Rupesh, more Andy, Clem's strangeness making at least some sense, the re-appearance of Tarot Card Girl, more about why Jack did what he did in the 60's. more Jack/Ianto. Plus end that they can actually rebuild from which will actually tie into the whole 21st century is where it all changes tag line of S1 and 2.

When am I intending to post this? I'm aiming for early July. Basically four years on from when CoE aired.

And then? I still need to finish the virtual series 4 sequel(s) to Secrets and Hope. I'm planning to write as much as I can of it during Campnanowrimo in July, as VS4 is going to be about 100k (yes really)

I've got about a dozen short <5000 word fics that I should finish too.
13 July 2011 @ 01:44 pm
What I'm writing and planing to write.  
What I’m currently writing or planning to write.

Currently being written:

Things Lost and Found Along the Way.

A sequel to The Spaces in Between, in which Jack, AU Ianto, Owen and Tosh travel back to Earth. On route Jack has questions about how is immortality is or isn’t currently working, and they encounter a deserted space liner.

Torchwood: Timelines (aka the ridiculously ambitious virtual series 4 project.)
10 x 10k case fic episodes which are set in the world ‘verse created in Secrets and Hope.
Will reunite all the old team in a way which you might not expect, and include appearances from DCI Kathy Swanson, John Hart, Bilis Manger, and Martha Jones.


Out of the Darkness.
The sequel to Things Lost and Found Along the Way. The team is back in Cardiff, the Rift is playing up, and they’re having to work out of an industrial unit in a business park in Splott, while the Hub is being rebuilt. Owen and Tosh try to settle into work back at Torchwood, Jack continues to deal with the fall out from things that happened in Things Lost and Found Along the Way, and Ianto tries to avoid (this worlds)Ianto’s family.

This idea has been kicking around for ages. It’s an AU for both Doctor Who and Torchwood. Basically the Ninth Doctor didn’t regenerate at the end of S1. Rose opens up heart of the TARDIS, gets rid of Daleks, accidentally makes Jack immortal as per episode, but when the Doctor takes the energy from Rose it doesn’t make him regenerate, but it does knock him out. The TARDIS decides the best course of action is to get out of there. Jack is left behind, but it’s because the Doctor doesn’t know he’s alive.
S2 Doctor Who happens, the Doctor still loses Rose to the parallel world.
This is where the story starts off. The Doctor picks up the trace of cyberman technology in Cardiff, he goes to investigate. Finds Ianto and Lisa in an abandoned warehouse, Ianto having failed to persuade the boss of Torchwood Cardiff, Suzie Costello, to give him a job. The Doctor can’t save Lisa, Ianto becomes the Doctor’s companion. They eventually and accidentally meet up with Jack. Jack is bitter and very unhappy, he had been picked up by Victorian Torchwood, treated like an experiment he’d finally escaped by hurling himself into the Rift, not caring where he went just desperate to get away.

Not too much to say about this one, as I’m planning on writing this for a bigbang, but it a plot bunny that springs from the From Out of the rain Electro Cinema extra information stuff on the BBC website that says the Electro closed in 1977. The question being how did watch films there as a child when it closed six years before he was born? The answer lies in how Ianto was recruited to Torchwood one. But that is only the start of it.
13 November 2010 @ 10:17 am
Torchwood and Doctor Who fic list.  
This is an attempt to organise what I've written since 2006, what I'm currently writing, and what I've got planned for the future (including a virtual series 4 following on from Secrets and Hope (a CoE fix-it fic)

This is only my Torchwood and Doctor Who fics. I still need to do one of these posts for my Primeval fic.

Long list is long. )
17 August 2009 @ 08:38 pm
I really don't need any more plot ideas...but  
Okay I've got far to many fics that I need to complete first but here's my latest plot bunny. It's post CoE and is a sort of fix it fic, although not exactly as it still recognises all the events of CoE, and would be my first attempt at writing from Gwen's pov.

My brother is sort of to blame for the basis of this idea (although he doesn't know I write fic, he's probably as big a fan of the show as me, and still flatly refuses to believe that the end of second two was it for Owen) Any way basically he wondered why CoE spoiler )

Convergence - In an infinite number of worlds there are an infinite number of outcomes.

post CoE fix it idea  )

So do people thing this bunny might be worth going somewhere with?
05 March 2009 @ 11:42 am
another fic idea  
I have about a million other fics that I need to write and or finish, so what I don't need is another fic idea. However I've now got the the idea for a post Torchwood series two/ post Supernatural series three crossover about Owen and Dean  getting back from the afterlife to the normal world. it makes so little sense.
15 May 2007 @ 06:59 pm
Fic working list  

I think it's time that I got all my fic ideas organised.  The 25 fics that i'm doing for fanfic50 have helped sort out which stories i'm going to work on first.

This will be updated as I get more ideas