07 August 2007 @ 09:08 pm
Torchwood fic rec's.  
I read so much fic it's silly, it really is. So here are some rec's. They are in no particular order except to say that i've read all these in the last couple of weeks and thought they were very good

Sickly Honeysuckle and it's five part sequel Dissatisfaction are Owencentric fic's by [profile] rosesareaweed. Pretty dark and graphic these do deserve their adult rating.  

Connection by [personal profile] unfeathered Is a Captain Jack Harkness and Rupert Giles (BTVS) crossover fic. It not a pairing that I 'd ever considered  but [personal profile] unfeatheredmakes it work so well. 

The wonderful Waiting and Wandering years series by [profile] heretoutopia I can't recommend highly enough. They are a brilliant possible back story for post Doctor Who Jack from the 1950's to before the start of the first series of Torchwood.

And anything by [personal profile] tanarianwho really does write wonderful Iantocentric based fics.