08 January 2015 @ 04:52 pm
Case fic type ideas wanted for a Torchwood virtual series type thing.  
Yes, with the giant Torchwood/Being Human crossover nearing its end (only two chapters left and will be finished this month) I have turned my attention to writing Torchwood fic again.

So I am finally going to finish the virtual series type thing that I began ages ago (although haven't posted anywhere yet). It follows on from by fic Secrets and Hope (which was a Children of Earth fix it.)

So my plan such as it is a full 'series' of fic episodes. I want to do a full 13 episode series.

I've got plans for most of the 'episodes' and some are partial written, but I need two more case fic type ideas.

I've got so far.
Alien delegates holding conference in Cardiff as they consider it neutral ground - it doesn't go to plan (when does it ever for Torchwood?) and it is in part at least John Harts fault.

A group of people have got hold on an alien dog like creature and have created hybrid for the purpose of illegal dog fighting.

A problem with the Rift where certain place are having pieces of history repeat themselves.

There is an ancient crashed alien ship and the AI on board in loose on the airwaves/wifi signals and is accidentally causing chaos.

Somebody has been fly tipping waste from a future/alien/other dimensional hospital ship. A relative of PC Andy is unlucky enough to dig it up in the back garden of the house he's bought.

Company trying to make a new source of sustainable fuel accidentally turn part of work force into kind of semi-robtic zombies.

An urban explorer finds more than he bargains for when she breaks into an old mill building, sets in progress a chain reaction that might explode or irradiate Cardiff (Because it's Torchwood and that has to happen at least once a year)

The time repeating itself one will be a mid-series double episode. And I can't give away what the end will be.

However, if anybody has any ideas for case fic type things, these are the characters appearing it/able to appear in it.

Jack, Ianto, Gwen, Rhys, PC Andy, DCI Kathy Swanson, John Hart, Martha, Ianto's sister and her family. A reoccurring OC Dr Ruth Armitage (who is in Secrets and Hope).

Also Tosh (Yes, this continues with the fix it theme in Secrets and Hope with the intention of the old team being back together by the end)

Owen and Bilis Manger are also around - but due to over arching plot it's not possible to have interacting with in any major way with the rest until the final double episode part.

Got another idea for a storyline. Illegal cosmetic surgery type procedures using tech that has come through the Rift. Team find out when a body is discovered. (It will also allow me to use a couple of scenes I've had written for years, but didn't have any other storyline to pull them together. )