16 September 2007 @ 07:34 pm

Didn't get nearly as much done as i'd hoped. Nothing got done on the car due to the weather. The costume went a bit better as it's all cut out and pinned ready for sewing, the Cleopatra hair part of the costume is not however going right - I spent an innordinate amount of time plaiting a wig, i'd got it for a Xena costume a couple of years ago, and it just doesn't look right,  well I've got until Saturday night to sort it out, plenty of time :)

My download finally finished on the Highlander: The Source  film and I watched it.  I won't give away any of the plot for it, i'll just say if you thought Highlander: Endgame was bad (I actually quite liked parts of it, if not the overall plot)  it might be an idea not to watch this one. Still it was nice to see Methos and Joe again, which was pretty much my only reason for watching it in the first place, and I suppose Duncan as well.