16 May 2008 @ 07:41 pm
That was close  

Only just managed to get by writerinadrawer entry in this week, 20 minutes before the deadline - my internet connection decided that it was time to annoy me again.

My connection is now running both through my wireless card and from where I managed to plug it via the USB, via an ethernet connection straight into the wireless router box and that has just about given my enough connection to get my entry in. 

Not that I'm happy with what I've written, I'm not, but then again I never am. I had two ideas for what I was going to write this week, and then travelling to work on the bus this morning a third idea sneaks up and suddenly I have the other two ideas and have to write the third one.

So consquently my entry this week was written in about two and a half hours, I've barely had time to read over it, i'm sure it's awful and even the internet didn't seem to want me to inflict it on people - at least i've managed to persuade the internet that, at least for the next few minutes that it wants to co-opperate with me.  

So even if I do go out this round I've had a great time writting (and stressing out over) my entries, and it's been fun especially because I never expected to get this far. 

I will now get my rather over due tea :)

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16 March 2007 @ 04:39 pm
internet connection  
My home internet connection is temporarily not working, this is due to Tiscali/Belkin/BT, i'm not sure which, arn't talking to one another anymore.
Have bought a usb flash drive so I can do my first Icon post tommorrow for [profile] tw_icons100if the local library will let me connect it to one of  their computers, if not, there's always the internet cafes, but that actually costs money.
It is an excuse however to go check out the new coffee shop-internet cafe that opened up a couple of months ago, and if you spend more than £2 you can go one line for half an hour for 'free'
Am doing the sneaky posting from work thing at the moment, well not so sneaky as everybody else has gone home, i'm jsut enjoying the internet perks of doing overtime on a friday evening, oh well only another hour or so to go.
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