20 October 2007 @ 09:32 am
My laptop has expired  
I guess it had to happen sooner or later, laptops don't last indefinately and I suppose nearly eight years is pretty good, but it's still annoying.
Said laptop is not fully dead yet, but definately on it's last legs, i'm just hoping it'll hold out until payday when I can put a deposit on a new one. Last time it went wrong I managed to fix it with a new hard drive but this time just about everything is going wrong, the battery doesn't work, the fans and the processor seem to work only when they feel like it and the hard drive is making odd clunking noises - so I think this time it's terminal.

What i'd really like is for work to pay me my pay increase for this year - the one that I should have had back in April. They are still arging with the unions about how much it is going to be and it's rapidly looking like it's going to be next year before I see any of it. So work now owe me something like £300-£400 - just the right amount for a new, well reconditioned, laptop.  Looking at one in Curry's, it's so nice and shiny and would probably be able to run more than two programs simulanteously with out freezing up.

Still, I've managed to back up all my fic and icons via memory stick, although saving all my screencaps doesn't seem likely unless I can get the new laptop before the old one dies completely.

So I might not be online much for the next week or so.