29 November 2008 @ 04:55 pm
New layout  
Okay I should have spend this afternoon working on my [ profile] rounds_of_kink entries, especially the one I need to have written for the 2nd of Dec. however I made the mistake going on to the premade-lj comm and looking at all the pretty layouts, so there went my afternoon :)

Anyway I now have a new layout, that after only two and a half hours of fiddling with the CSS coding (I really wish I was better at it) now actually looks like it's supposed to and the font is in a size that I can actually read.

That said I have the storyline planned out for both of the [ profile] rounds_of_kink fics, the fact that the plan for the first one is actually about 500 words is slightly mad. The actual fic (the Jack/Ianto one) will probabaly be about 5000 works or so. The Jack/Owen one is also plotted out, and will probably be about 3000 words.
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