28 July 2011 @ 12:26 pm
Livejournal is still being spectacularly rubbish at the moment, you'd have though they might have learnt from the ddos attack in April a better way to deal with, but apparently not.

Which is more than a bit annoying as I wanted to post to tw-classic with a 'we've been running for a whole year today' post. And get people to suggest the sort of things that they'd like to happen on the comm.

So far we're running a monthly fic prompt, a weekly themed fic rec, and will be hosting a classic Torchwood big bang starting in October.

There has been the suggestion of having a lost files challenge - case fic set any when pre-series three.

I'd also like to get going a weekly chat thread (idea is shamelessly borrowed from primeval-denial) so people can talk about Torchwood,the wider Who 'verse, what they are writing, reading, listening to and just generally chat about anything fandom, or well anything really.

Like I said the idea is borrowed from Primeval-denial, it just seems to work so well at keeping a friendly, active fandom going even when for a couple of years their show was cancelled.