29 March 2009 @ 11:32 am
Quick update  

I've not been on the net much these last couple of weeks, pretty much work being hectic and me falling asleep as soon as I've eaten tea each night.

However the last couple of nights I seem to have been more awake and have actually got on with starting to write up my [ profile] tardis_bigbang  fic. I've got so many scribbled notes (tend to write on the bus too and from work or else I'd never get any of it done) that I think that I should make the 15000 words by the 26th of April. I've got about 4000 typed up at the moment and load more still to do, and it is all plotted out.
The only thing is that next  weekend is the last free weekend that I have before the dead line. As Easter weekend I'll be at a reenactment event at Warwick castle and the following weekend I'll be in Manchester for the Roleplay National.  April is looking like being a busy month as in addition to the events I've also got two antenatal scans, one midwifes appointment, a friends leaving do, and one day training course at work to do, and that's not counting any other stuff that might crop up.

With the bigbang fic I will need to find a beta for it, as that's part of the challenge rules, so once I've got past that first deadline I'll be looking for a beta for a Ianto/PC Andy fic which is sort of AU (mainly it sets up an AU situation after the fic) and set in the year that never was. It will probably be about R rated for not particually graphic sex.  The fic will be at least 20000 words.

I'm now off to meet up with the reenactment society to finalise the meal plans for the Warwick castle event, help Andy finish his doublet, do some kit maintainence for my own stuff and then meet up with the rpg soc.
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09 February 2009 @ 09:42 pm
Back at the weekend I met up with up with some of the people I do medieval reenactment with, and shared my news. So I now have offers of medieval style baby clothes from about three different people (that is from some of the other women in the group) The amusing thing though was telling the guys in the group why I wouldn't be fighting this event season. Totally surprised I think would be the best description.

In which I ramble car exhausts, peoples opinions and writing fic )