23 October 2013 @ 09:43 pm
Music post.  
I don't usually post about what kind of music I listen to, but One Republic's song Counting Stars made me think of Torchwood, well Jack anyway.

It's part the lyrics. 'Everything that kills me makes me feel alive.'

It just reminded me of the bit at the end of Cyberwoman where Jack said about feeling so alive when he wasn't sure if Lisa would have killed him.

Other new music that I've been listening to is Olly Murs (Army of two, Dear Darlin' etc) who's pretty well know. Passenger (Let Her Go), who are more folky type pop, and John Newman (Love me Again and Cheating) who until it looked it up had no idea from the voice that he was just 23 and from Yorkshire - there's some very good clips of him singing live on Jool Holland's show via Radio 1 .

I've also been listening to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds some of their music was used in Peaky Blinders - Red Right Hand by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds was used as the opening and ending credits music.

All of these can be found on