01 January 2014 @ 06:21 pm
New Years resolutions.  
Looking back at last years resolutions I managed some of them at least. Some didn't happen due to lack of money (holiday, swimming lessons) and rain (picnics, growing herbs), and some like reading a book a week didn't exactly happen as some weeks I managed more and some not at all - like in November when I took part in Nanowrimo again - although I was just editing this time round.

Some things like gym membership are going to have to go, which was one of my aims for last year, but I don't get to go very often anyway, so it's a waste of money really. I'll try saving my membership money and using it for days out instead or saving up for Alexander's school things that he'll need in September.

This year is going to be one of changes I think, and hopefully by the end of it a little more money, as with Alexander heading off to school in September Fin will start to look for a job and with changes where I work I could finally get a promotion (well it's not exactly a promotion, rather extra pay for taking on a lot more work - and I'm not massively keen on being on the help desk, but it work and money, so needs must.)

So what to do for this year.

Reading and Writing.
Read one book a week, even if it's a novella or a longer fanfic.
Keep writing - aim for 2k a week.
Finish my Being Human/Torchwood crossover fic.
Write some more original fic - the werewolf/psychic one set in and around Bradford.
Take part in another Nanowrimo -(July or November as camp nano in April isn't likely to happen as work is going to be ridiculously busy with a new computer system and new pension scheme to tell people about)

Outdoors and other active things.
Learn to ride a bike and help Alexander to learn to ride - aiming to do this before I turn 35 at the end of May.
Grow herbs in the garden.
Go to reenactment events again and take Alexander with me.
Have a few days out, even if they are just a picnic in the park.
Go to the seaside at least once.
04 January 2013 @ 01:34 pm
New Years resolutions.  
So I think this year I'll post some New Year's resolutions, as I actually have some.

Real life

Eat healtier and get fit.
So after using some proper weighing scales and finding I weigh 11st 7lb (161lb or 73kg) rather than the 10st 7lb (147lb or 66.6kg) that I thought I did, I've decided to change what I eat.
Not a diet as such, just less sweets, bread and pasta and more veg, fruits and dairy. I'm also going to rejoin the gym after an absence of ten years.

I guess it's realising that I'm basically mid thiries now (34 in May) and things are starting to slow down a little bit. Okay not much, but better to get in good habits early, as I seem to be following the same pattern as my nan, mum and auntie (and by the accounts of my nan and mum by great gran as well - as with regards to womens health my mum and nan don't seem to get TMI.). Which is basically you hit mid/late thirties, weight goes on, bra size goes silly (It's already hit 34DD and don't want bigger) and then you hit the menopause at about 42 plus or minus a year or two.

Now it doesn't seem to have done them any harm (great gran lived to 94 and nan will be 98 next week and still going strong). So it may end up being something of a genetic inevitibilty, but I'm going to try to not pile the weight on, as with (currently very mild) asthma and joints that creak (from spending a number of years digging as an archaeologist), putting on too much weight isn't a good idea.

I'm also going to join the gym down at the university as they have reduced rates for people who graduated from there. As it works out at about £4.50 a week for use of pretty much all the equipment (but not the pool) it's looking like a pretty good deal.

Read more books

I'm going to try to read one book a week for 2013. So 52/3 books in all.
I'll post each week to say which one I'm reading.

Sort out the garden
Get the fence between my house and the neighbours put up.
Keep the grass cut to a sensible level.
Plant some pots of herbs.
Compost kitchen waste rather than bin it.

Family things
Visit my family again.
Have a holiday not at a relatives house for at least 2 days. (Because we haven't managed one since 2005, I'm thinking maybe 2/3 days at the seaside in summer because Alexander would like it.)
Get swimming lessons for Alexander. He's 3 now and could really do with learning.
Go out for more walks/picnics with Alexander up on the moors/countryside around Bradford.

Fic and writing related.

Finish A Different Path.
Write and post 2013 words per month.
Post last year's Nanowrimo original fic.
Take part in Nanowrimo again.