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Torchwood and Doctor Who fic list.  
This is an attempt to organise what I've written since 2006, what I'm currently writing, and what I've got planned for the future (including a virtual series 4 following on from Secrets and Hope (a CoE fix-it fic)

This is only my Torchwood and Doctor Who fics. I still need to do one of these posts for my Primeval fic.

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22 February 2009 @ 12:40 pm
Organisational post of doom  

This is an attempt to organise what I’ve written and what I’ve started writing and need to finish.

Finished Fics.
All of them are Torchwood or Doctor Who.

Single part fic.

Control.(R) Ianto. Post Cyberwoman. Warning: self harm.
After All is said and Done. (pg) Jack, Ianto. Episode tag for Small Worlds.
Going On.(pg13) Jack/Ianto. Episode tag for Countrycide.
Not Alone(pg/pg13) Jack/Ianto. Episode tag for Out of Time.
Now Leaving the Station.(pg) Pre-Torchwood Jack.
Untitled. (pg) Jack/Ianto. 10th Doctor, Martha. Jack and Ianto's vacation doesn't go as planned.
Slow Dances in Time(pg) Jack/Ianto. Spoiler free dancing fluff.
Lady in Red(pg) Owen/Diane. During Out of Time.
Favourite Places(pg13) Jack/Ianto. Fluff.
Finding Normality(pg) Jack/Ianto. Future AU with mortal!Jack
Untitled(pg) Jack. Doctor. Master. Slight AU for Last of the Time Lords.
When the Night is Dark.(pg13) Owen/Ianto.
Closer(pg) Jack/Ianto. Post Year that Never Was.
Reconstruction. (pg13/very light R) Jack/Ianto. AU for Year that never was.
Music Like Memories.(pg or less) Jack/Ianto. Another dancing fic set during Something Borrowed.
Intimacy and Favourite places(R) 2 Jack/Ianto pwps.
Beneath the Stains of Time.(pg13) Jack. Post Exit Wounds.
Sacrifice.(nc17) Ianto. Ianto/tentacled alien. Warning: DubCon/NonCon.
Moonlight and Memories. Jack/Ianto. R. Fluff/romance.
Coffee, Kisses and New Beginnings. Jack/Ianto. G. Romance, set series one.
In fevered Dreams. Jack. G. Set during Last of the Timelords/Sound of Drums.
Sublimation. Jack/Owen. nc17. Pre series one. Warning: bdsm.
A Sweeter Oblivion. Ianto/Jack. nc17. Post series 2. Warning: Fisting, slight D/s.
As like to walk on the moon. pg13 Jack/OMC pre-series

Writer in a Drawer fic.

It’s the Little Things that Remind Me of You. (G) Jack, Ianto.
On Nights Such as This.(G) Tosh.
The Strangest of Days.(G) Harriet Derbyshire.
Choices Made.(pg) Ianto.
Those Left Behind.(pg) Ianto, Jack.
The Best of Intentions.(pg) PC Andy.
The Things We Do.(pg) Owen, Ianto.
Free Fall.(pg13) Owen.
Memories Old and New.(G) Ianto/Lisa.
Lost and Found.(pg) Owen, Ianto.

Like China and (G) In Empty Rooms. Both (G) Ianto.
A mother's Love A Mother’s Love. (PG) Owen.
At the Break of Day. (G) Ianto, Jack. - post series 2
Burning for you G Jack/Ianto.

Works in Progress.


Single part fics.

A thousand stars: Jack and Ianto talk post Greeks bearing gifts

Untitled: My 1st ever TW fic, written before countrycide aired. Ianto is alone in the countryside or is he.

Kidnapped - Ianto is abducted by alien/aliens, but manages to save himself before the team arrive.

Bad day: Set while Jack is away post End of Days. The team investigate something, it was going to be some form of alien chemical thing in bottle water or fruit juice that the aliens were trying to alter people with so that they became sort of alien hybrid thing, but it just doesn't seem to want to work. Will be AU.

Cross purposes: Owen finds Jack with a handcuffed Ianto in his office and draws the wrong conclusions. Seems very dark at first, but isn't really.

Future fic: Dark little bit post-apocalyptic Jack/Ianto ficlet.

Untitled: Jack gets to meet Ianto's family under less than ideal circumstances, the death of one of Ianto's relatives. Ianto's family don't approve of him and Jack.

Flooded: The Hub goes into lockdown when water gets into the power cables. Ianto gets to fix it all, snark at people and look good in a wet shirt. This fic has almost no plot.

Awkward conversations: Ianto wakes up in Jack's bed after an evening out drinking.

Coughs and sneezes: Ianto has a cold, Jack is nice to him.

Interrogation: A person Jack once conned wants him to return what he took, problem is Jack can't remember anything about taking it, and Ianto is caught in the middle.

Pushed: Owen argues with Ianto and pushed him in a cannel. Ianto can't swim. Featuring angry Tosh telling Owen that he's an idiot.

The AU LotTL fic: Ianto works for UNIT and is undercover aboard the Valiant:

What happens in Newport: Jack/Rhys. prompt: Not about Gwen. (Prompt from somewhere)

Pollen: Jack/Ianto/Owen and a decidedly dodgy alien pot plant - I really have no idea what I was thinking when I started writing this one.

Untitled: Mpreg. AU post Year that Never Was. The Master experimented on Jack, trying to create new Time Lords. Jack doesn’t realise that one of the experiments got him pregnant. This is not a happy fic and Jack loses the baby.

The Darkest Hour (is before the dawn) (R) Jack/Ianto. The aftermath of Sacrifice.

Multi-part fics.

Untitled series.
Jack treatment at the hands of the Master during the Year that Never Was leave their scars, even if his body doesn’t show them. Follows Jack from onboard the Valiant through to Exit Wounds.
Mind Games – finished. (Hard R/nc17) Jack, the Master. Memories of an alien. Onboard the Valiant. Warning: NonCon.
A Sort of Homecoming(pg13) Jack. End of Last of the Time Lords and start of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – finished.
Facing the Hydra (pg13) Post Meat – being written.

A Song as Old as Time.
Jack/Ianto. (pg-13). A chance visit to a bar and the unexpected arrival of an old acquaintance raises a lot questions for Jack and creates a dangerous situation for Ianto
10 parts of 12 written.

Picking up the Pieces.
Jack/Ianto. (R) Using the drabble Like China as a starting point it follows Jack and Ianto’s dysfunctional relationship through series one. Some parts are written.

The Kindness of Strangers.
Ianto/OMC, past Jack/Ianto relationship, continuing Jack – Ianto friendship. (R) Gwen/Rhys. This was started for TARDIS-bigbang, but not finished due to computer issues. After an amicable break up Ianto starts dating David, and tries to have something like a normal relationship while still working at Torchwood. But things don’t go exactly smoothly.

Spooks: Code 9

Untitled: Charlie/Rob. Post series one finale. Probably p13.

Criminal Minds.
Untitled: Hotchner/Rossi. Mid third series. Probably pg13.

Comments and ideas on what I should get done are welcome.
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