28 August 2010 @ 04:18 pm
Bradford protests  
I'm watching the twitter feeds about what's happening down in the city centre now, I live in Bradford for those that don't know, but about 3 miles out from the city centre.

EDL a group of rightwing nut jobs are holding a protest in the city centre, a couple of other groups are there protesting against the EDL.

Everbody, I think, knew there was the potential for trouble, Bradford has had riots in the past, the most recent of them being nine years ago.

There is a lot of conflicting information comming out about what is going on. Some reports are saying that everything is fairly peaceful, others that there was trouble but it was quickly contained, while there are other people saying that it's chaos down there.

All I know is that yesterday evening people were worried, shops near to where the demo is being held were putting down their shutters, and those that didn't have then boarding over the windows.
29 May 2010 @ 09:30 am
Bradford, I know you've had a bad rep over the years, what with the derelict mills and riots. But most of the mills have been converted in to offices or flats, or knocked down, and it has been nearly nine years since the last riot.

Thing are getting better, the city has got better, okay the city centre looks like a giant building site, but mainly because it is; in a few more months and we'll have a city square and park to rival that of any other city.

So this is a world of do not want:  

Why the hell are these far right wing thugs allowed to demonstrate? I support the right to peaceful, it's part of democracy, but there's no way in hell they intend for their demos to be peaceful, they are spoiling for a fight. And poor bloody Bradford or anywhere else they go if they get one.

Any way in other stuff I'm thinking if getting a new (well ebay new) coat. After 15 years I think it's time for my old leather jacket to get replaced (It'll go back to a charity shop as it came from one, and because it's still perfectly wearable, once I repair the hole in one of the pockets).

I've seen 2 jackets that I like, and I really can't decide between them (Although I suppose given as they are both under £10 I could get both, then sell on the one I wasn't so keen on.)

Also is anybody else having problems with inserting images?

I've had to handcode the image links, as if I try to use the insert images in rich text it tells me I need to upgrade my account (which is rubbish as it's already a paid account) and in html mode it the incert image box is all in Russian and won't let me do anything either.

Hopefully this is just one of LJs temporary fails. I've informed maintainance and hopefully will get some kind of answer back. Although it probably won't be for some hours as it's about 2am where lj are in the US.
11 May 2010 @ 09:17 pm
Election stuff feel free to ignore.  
So a Tory government again, lucky us :(

Only is not really a Tory government, not entirely. I expect that the Lib-Dems will agree to the coilition - after all this is their first shot at actually having any seats in the cabinet in something like 75 years.

Having listened to the Cameron's first speach as PM it certainly sounds like he's picking up some of the Lib-Dems major policies.

The nobody pays tax policy on earning below £10,000pa will, providing they don't massively increase taxation elsewhere, actually make minimum wage something like more liveable.
For a minimum wage job of 37 h/pw it means nearly £1000 in the bank rather than gone in tax, and that can only be a good thing.

All I'm hoping for now is for the LibDems to prevent some of the more 'do not want' policies of the Tories.

I know there are people saying that the LibDems shouldn't go into coilition, that if they do they are selling those that voted for them out. I say that if they can do more good working from the inside government than they can as second place opposition then they should go for it; whether they sell us out is dependent on there actions in power, give them a chance to show us what they can do.

I hope thry don't disappoint us.
26 November 2008 @ 07:48 pm
dentists and fanfic  
Went to dentists today, and they sorted out all fillings and the extraction that I needed on the left side of face. Not too back, only took about half an hour or so, and they must have used a load of stuff to numb it as it's still a little numb and tingly now, and it's been about five and a half hours. I go back again on the 12 of December when they'll either do the white fillings or the right side extractions. I'll guess I'll find out on the day.

In rather more fun stuff I've signed up for a couple of fics on [ profile] rounds_of_kink one is a fairly fluffy Jack/Ianto h/c fic and the other is a decidely unfluffy D/s Jack/Owen one.

Guess I'd better get writting as the first one, the Jack/Ianto needs to be ready for posting on the 2nd of December, and the Jack/Owen one on the 9th.
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21 November 2008 @ 09:35 pm
Live long, be confused and build towers of pasta  
Work's AGM today, was for a lack of a better word, odd. I expected it to be boring (I've been to five of these things) and some parts of it were (because honestly local government pension statistics -not much is every going to make those fun) however what I wasn't expecting was the weird.

The weird in question was the speaker before we had to do the so called 'corporate game' He was supposed to be laying out the reasons why the state pension age was, in 2040, being raised to 68, and presumably he was supposed to do this in a sensible, believable manner. I doubt what he was supposed to do was start talking dodgy, improbable science about how with all the techological and medical advances currently being made that all the the people in the room who were under thirty would probably live until they where over 300.

He left to much baffled applause, and a complete absense of questions.

After this point we were then all handed a packet of spaggetti and bag of marshmallows and told we had 15 minutes to build the tallest tower we could with it. Mine was 36 inches and the second tallest. This exercise in odd was apparently the 'corporate game' and I still have no idea why we did it, who decided that we should do it or what the point of it was.

So that was the AGM for this year, on Monday I'll find out if the office's server move was successful or it like the trial run of moving it, means that we have no computer network until they find out what's gone wrong with it.

I think I will be more surprised it does works first time that if it doesn't. I think everybody is expecting it to go wrong as just about everybody of any importance or responsibility for it seems to have booked next week off - funny that ;)
27 July 2007 @ 11:12 pm
Busy, bored and am I really that dull?  

I know i've not updated for like a week, I mean update more often,  really I do, but stuff always seems to get in the way. As usual the stuff getting in the way was work - people on holiday, people off  sick with chicken pox, me running round trying to cover their work and deal with the new staff and the postal strike, altogether a busy week .

That just sounds really lame doesn't it, i'm busy at work so i can't find a few minutes to update my journal. There's just nothing much interesting going on though to write about, and who wants to here about microfilm and people who think that acronyms have to have three letters - yes somebody at work actually thought that, although I have no idea why.

I so need a social life again. I used to have one, i'm sure I did, just need to find where I left it.  
It's a friday night and I just got paid, so why am I sitting inside watching TV? When did I get so boring? I wish I was a student again, or at least still doing field work, I miss it. But I made my choice and I guess that's all that can be said.

Still, I actually get to go away for a couple of days in three weeks time, down to Cardiff for a Torchwood fan meet up, i'm really looking forward to it, even to the eight and a half hours on the coach.

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