04 September 2008 @ 03:56 pm
Torchwood psl rp  
Is anybody interested in being in a Torchwood group psl rp?

Setting: AU after End of Days (1x13) but using character backstory information from Fragments (2x12) if wanted.
Method of play: IM and threading – threads will be on insane journal torchwood_hub
Characters available: Everybody from Torchwood series 1 (apart from Jack and Ianto, they’re already taken). Also the Doctor, Martha Jones, Martha's family.
Information: Plot based PSL starting from when Jack returns after the year that never was.
Other information: This is slash, femmeslash and het friendly, storylines might get quiet dark. Please feel free to suggest storylines that you'd like to play out. I have some ideas for plotlines the main one involving Mpreg (from an experiment rather than it just happened) with no happy ending and aliens using a fertility clinic as a front for genetic compatibility testing.

Comment here or email me on for more information.
My rp info is here:

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03 August 2007 @ 02:30 pm
Torchwood/Doctor Who rpg  

My application to play Owen in a Torchwood and Doctor Who roleplay over on greatestjournal got accpeted :) They are still looking for players if anyone is interested, all the info is here, including which characters they are still looking for
I sort of wish that i'd applied to play Ianto, but they'd already got somebody lined up when I found the rp, now it looks like that person has pulled out, but I don't want to take two major characters as it doesn't seem fair. I think that they are still looking for somebody to play Jack as well.  
Play is going to start when they get ten players, there are eight/nine at the the moment so hopefully it will be starting quite soon. 
I like the scenario that's been set up for this rpg, not least because it mean we get Rose, Mickey and Jake back.

30 July 2007 @ 08:43 pm
Torchwood and Doctor Who rpg  

A few of you might know that i've been a roleplayer and occasional LARPer for the last eight years, or even longer if you count the play by post type stuff. I am now going to venture into the realms of journal based roleplaying.

The RPG is over on greatestjournal at  if anybody is interested. It's Torchwood and Doctor Who (original series and new series) I'm putting in a application to play Owen - Yes i am probably mad.
It looks like there are still a lot of characters available (because any TW and DW character is allowed) plus there is the opportunity for a few original characters as well.

The only thing i'm not sure about is the fact that most of the roleplaying is supposed to be done in 3rd person format, which seems a little odd to me. I'll give it a go though, if just for the novelty value.
Is anybody on my f-list an journal based RPGer and if so is 3rd person usual for journal based games? 

If this doesn't work out i'm thinking of maybe setting up a Torchwood RPG here on live ournal as there is only one (that I can find) running at the moment and that already has the main characters taken and doesn't seem to be looking for anymore people at the moment. 

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