26 February 2014 @ 02:06 pm
Ripper Street saved.  
Back in January the BBC announced that after 2 series they weren't going to make a 3rd series of Ripper Street, due to low ratings. (This was only relative - they'd set it up to fail placing it against 'I'm a celebrity on ITV and it still got more viewers than of a lot of other shows they kept. It's figures were similar to those got by the One Show and Holby City - so hardly terrible)

Well after an online petition and interest from LoveFilm Ripper Street is back :)

It will air on Amazon's Prime Instant Video (which what LoveFilm is now know as) the episode will also be show on the BBC a few months later. Amazon is also going to stream the first two series as well.

How long we'll wait for a new series is unknown, but as filming starts in May hopefully the answer is not too long - which is certainly better than the never that it was going to be just a couple of months ago.
29 October 2013 @ 08:29 am
Ripper Street series 2  
Watched the start of the second series of Ripper Street last night, meant to post then but was too tired.

Spoilers for Ripper series series 2 episode one )
21 October 2013 @ 09:17 pm
Ripper Street and Peaky Blinders.  
Ripper Street is back on next Monday night for a second series :)

Trailer from the official BBC Youtube.

Damien Molony (Hal from Being Human) is appearing in this series, although how often and as who I don't know. You can spot him very briefly a couple of times in the trailer.

Does anybody else watch it?

Also just finished watching on the BBC Iplayer Peaky Blinders. Has anybody else been watching it? Thought it was a very good series and hope they make a second.
I think the thing that got me was that they decided to basically not have any out right good or bad characters. And that there were a goo half dozen points where I thought I knew exactly how they would play it out, how it would have played out in just about everything else and they didn't. There was one where they did, but I can't say without giving away plot. And there's one that they left it on that could end up being cliche, but after how they've obviously played with tropes in parts of it then I don't know how they'll play it out.

It's not comfortable watching. It's not a cosy costume drama or a grand family saga or love saves the day cross class relationship. It's gang warfare and corruption. It's violent and it doesn't shy away from it, it's not glamourised, it's brutal and pervasive, an inescapable part of the characters lives. Nobody in it really comes out as a hero, just about everybody does questionable or objectionable things. Everything in it is driven by the characters actions, and as terrible, foolish or unpleasant as those actions are by the time they take them you know why they have. You can't condone their actions, but you still find yourself wanting them to succeed.

It's on the BBC Iplayer until Thursday if anybody is interested in it. And probably in other places ;) after that.