05 October 2009 @ 04:47 pm
Writer's Block: Sick day  
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Go it alone. I hate admitting to not feeling well, and hate even more have to take a break, and being fussed over by people, however well meaning they are, annoys me rather than makes me feel better.

If I can I go on working (one of the reason that in the past ten and a half years of paid employment I've only had about 20 days off sick.) It's not always been the brightest thing to do - the time I had chicken pox, and thought it was just insect bites (I was on excavation at the time) and continued working until the supervisor said I looked ill and should go home, as he didn't want the whole site off sick.
I ended up taking 3 days off + the weekend which we didn't work anyway, then went back to work still feeling awful - needed the money to pay rent/bills/buy food. End result was I lost nearly a stone in weight in three weeks, and took near a year to put it back on. I also learnt that size 8/125lb isn't a good look on me.

I think part of the reason is growing up with a brother who needed a lot of medical care and that he was frequently sick. I felt that being sick as well wasn't fair on my mum so tried to pretend I wasn't whenever I could, or at least down play it. I think it's too ingrained in my mentality now to change.