23 June 2009 @ 03:35 pm
Tardis bigbang, sci-fi big bang and lj being weird.  
[ profile] tardis_bigbang goes live tomorrow evening, looking forward to seeing what artwork got done to go with my fic. I will be cross posting my fic here on this journal as well, after the main site goes live.

I'm now co-mod with [ profile] yappichick and [ profile] highonstargate for [ profile] scifibigbang Sign ups for writers are until next Tuesday (30th June) and were still looking for artists/vidders, beta readers and cheerleaders/alpha readers for a whole range of fics in a lot of different sci-fi/fantasy fandoms.

I've now decided which of the three possible fics that I posted about a few days ago that I will write for [ profile] scifibigbang I will probably write the other two as well, but when I'll actually get around to them I'm not sure.

Also is anybody else having problems with lj today? Posting is only working in html, and homepage isn't loading properly, and I suspect that there are other things aren't working quite right that I've not spotted yet.