26 June 2009 @ 03:51 pm
It's another plot bunny  
The Year That Never Was. Everybody forgot that it happened. Except those on board the Valiant.

So the Doctor, Martha, Martha's family, Jack, the Master and Lucy......And all the UNIT soldiers and crew that were on board, which to staff something the size of an aircraft carrier must have been a lot of people.  

So what happened to those UNIT soldiers and the crew? They all remember what happened, and had to survive living on the Valiant with the Master for a year, presumably having to do everything that he told them to if they wanted to stay alive.

Those have got to be some pretty awful memories.

So the plot bunny.

What if the soldier Jack talked to in a bar (the one mentioned in Journeys End)  was one of the UNIT soldiers that had been on board the Valiant.  Why did they choose to meet up? A need to talk to somebody who understands just what happened? Had the soldier been kind to Jack during that year, maybe at a cost to himself, and Jack meets up with him to see how he's managing?