27 July 2007 @ 11:12 pm
Busy, bored and am I really that dull?  

I know i've not updated for like a week, I mean update more often,  really I do, but stuff always seems to get in the way. As usual the stuff getting in the way was work - people on holiday, people off  sick with chicken pox, me running round trying to cover their work and deal with the new staff and the postal strike, altogether a busy week .

That just sounds really lame doesn't it, i'm busy at work so i can't find a few minutes to update my journal. There's just nothing much interesting going on though to write about, and who wants to here about microfilm and people who think that acronyms have to have three letters - yes somebody at work actually thought that, although I have no idea why.

I so need a social life again. I used to have one, i'm sure I did, just need to find where I left it.  
It's a friday night and I just got paid, so why am I sitting inside watching TV? When did I get so boring? I wish I was a student again, or at least still doing field work, I miss it. But I made my choice and I guess that's all that can be said.

Still, I actually get to go away for a couple of days in three weeks time, down to Cardiff for a Torchwood fan meet up, i'm really looking forward to it, even to the eight and a half hours on the coach.

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