06 May 2007 @ 11:47 am
Spoilery spoiler stuff  
I remember reading those spoilers a few weeks ago, but having rewatched the DW trailer again I don't think that the spoiler stuff matches what we see.
Thought belows are why the sci-fi spoilers don't seem to match.
The DW trailer shows Jack running towards the fountain and therefore the Millenium centre, with the bay behind him.
Now given the fact that Jack didn't leave the hub via the tourist office because Owen, Tosh and Ianto would have seen him as they came back in and if he had used the lift he would have already been in front of the fountain and not running towards it.
He also seems to be jumping down on something, which would suggest, unless it's shrunk, it's not the TARDIS.
Also in the trailer Jack has a backpack, which he doesn't have in the last shots of TW. So it doesn't seem to be directly after the last scene of TW series 1.
The fact that Gwen also heard the TARDIS noise inside the Hub, plus the fact that it seemed to have blown papers from desks doesn't seem to point to the fact that the TARDIS was outside infront of the fountain.
It might be the source of these spoilers saw some filming and decided from that what was happening, getting wrong in the process.

I'm hoping that in general the sci-fi pulse spoilers are wrong. Also I don't think after last nights DW episode the Doctor will as unconcerned about Jacks immortality as the sci-fi pulse spoilers seemed to suggest, not given what the Doctor says to Dr Lazerus.

Yes I pay far to much attention to these things.