08 September 2009 @ 01:39 pm
Beta request for Torchwood bigbang fic.  
As most of you probably know I'm taking part in [ profile] tw_bigbangand that the fic for it will need to be beta'd. I've now got about half the story written and will be sending in the rough draft on/around the 28th of Sept. so at around that time I will need a beta reader to get it ready for the final draft at the end of October, although I will probably be able to get the first half of the story to a beta reader earlier than the 28th Sept if they wanted.

The whole fic will be around 15-17k in length, and will be written in third person perspective (Jack) and present tense, as just about everything that I write is.

Basic details of fic that will appear in fic header. )