04 May 2007 @ 10:51 pm
Still here  
I know I haven't posted anything much lately, although have now started drabbling and have posted two on  [community profile] tw100called In Empty rooms and Like china.

I now have about 50 of my Owen icons for [profile] tw_icons100 done, and I hope to get more finished over the bank holiday weekend.

Fic wise I have too many on the go to count. None of them are finished, quite a few of them are nearly done  and I really want to get at least one of them up this month.
They are nearly all Jack/Ianto fics, although for some reason my brain has decided it's wants me to write at least one Ianto/Owen fic.
That one is actually one of the nearly finished ones, despite the fact that I only started that one a couple of days ago. 

I'm not sure if anyone reads this journal as all my previous fic was posted from my RL journal over at [profile] liveforever5000,  So if anybody is interested in any of the mostly finished fic and would like to take a look just let me know and I'll post up a list of what i've got done so far.

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23 March 2007 @ 02:56 pm
Torchwood fanfic  
I am moving my fanfic over from [profile] liveforever5000  sorry if this spams anyones f-list.
Main thing i've realised is that i've not posted any new fic for like two months, despite having about a million bits of half finished fic on my laptop for months.
I will try to get at least one fic, even if it's only a drabble done each month now, just to keep in practice.