12 February 2010 @ 02:42 pm
Gauging interest for a Torchwood virtual series 3  
I've been hanging around the Primeval fandom for a few days, including reading the virtual series 3 that was produced, due in part to events that happened at the end of series 2.

Primeval virtual series 3 can be found here:

It got me was wondering if there was any interest in having a alternative series 3 for Torchwood. I've heard that there people working on a virtual series 4 for Torchwood, so there's not much point setting up another one of those.

I've not seen a Torchwood virtual season three about yet, although if people are writing on let me know as I don't want to end up duplicating somebody else's project.

information and ideas under the cut )

So what do people think? Is this worth persuing/posting out to comms to gauge further interest?