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silver_sun ([personal profile] silver_sun) wrote on May 2nd, 2010 at 12:19 am
Doctor Who episodes 5x04 and 5x05

Caught up on watching Doctor Who now.

This two parter is, for me, a stronger set of episodes than the last two (Beast Below and Victory of the Daleks).

River Song continues to be awesome.

The Weeping Angels were okay. I mean these episodes and Blink were good, I just never got the scariness about them.

The time rewriting itself/causing things to have never been is an interesting idea. (Wouldn't it be nice if time rewrote itself so that certain Torchwood events never happened)

I'm assuming that the whole Pandorica opens thing is a play on the legend of Pandora's Box.

The only thing that I wasn't keen on was the Doctor/Amy bit at the end. The Doctor not getting was she asking at first was okay, as oblivous!Doctor was kind of entertaining. However, Amy grabbing him, trying to kiss him and pushing the braces of his shoulders while he's trying to push her away because he really doesn't seem keen on the idea, I wasn't liking one bit.

I mean you reverse that, a guy paws at a girl's clothes like that. You wouldn't think it's funny and you probably wouldn't put it in a family viewing orientated show.

The thing is looking over at the DW comms that most people seem to think this is just an example of how Amy is an awesome strong fiesty female character. And the only ones who seem to disagree are only doing so because it's the night before her wedding - because obviously if it wasn't groping somebody who doesn't want it is totally okay :(

It's annoying, the rest of the episode was good, and Amy's interactions with Angels and with the Cleric/soldiers as they forgot each other were really good. And while I wouldn't say that the last couple of minutes ruined it for me, it did stop me from liking the episode as much as I had until that point.

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