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silver_sun ([personal profile] silver_sun) wrote on January 11th, 2015 at 05:09 pm
Torchwood: Virtual series.
Following on from my post the other day about what my next big writing project would be, I've been sorting out the 'episode' list for my Torchwood virtual series.

It follows almost directly on from Secret and Hope. (So team is Jack, Ianto, Gwen, Andy and a OC called Ruth who's doing the medical side of things)

Episodes and titles.

1. Alien delegates at a hotel and a visit from John Hart. (Past Sins)

2. Hybrid 'dogs' on a remote farm. (In the Dark)

3. A gang is trying to buy weapons that have fallen through the Rift. (Untitled as yet.)

4. Girl with Pyrokinesis. (Born of Fire)

5. A company accidentally turns employees into robot zombies while developing alternative fuel source. (Compound 571)

6. History is repeating itself - but who is behind it? (Fault Lines part 1)

7. Past and Present continue to blur and the team must stop it (Fault Lines part 2)

8. The lonely AI of a long crashed spaceship is loose on the airwaves. (In the Wind)

9. The mutilated, eyeless body is their first clue something is wrong (Dead Pretty)

10. Fly-tipping - Rift style (Fever)

11. An urban explorer gets more than they bargained for (Zero Sum)

12. Martha needs their help and the team lay a trap for one of their own. (Up in the Air)

13. Follows on directly from 'Up in the Air.' Bilis plays his hand. (End Game)

So this is the list. Each one will be about 10-12k each. A fair bit of some of the parts is already written, so I am at the moment aiming for beginning posting from about Mid February with one episode a week being posted.

Really looking forward to writing this, as although the fandom is smaller now than it was, there are still so many stories left to tell. And who knows, maybe this might only be the first of a few virtual series (not promising anything regular though - Thinking up and writing 13 episodes every year might be a bit much for one person.)
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