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silver_sun ([personal profile] silver_sun) wrote on June 17th, 2015 at 07:56 am
Still around on livejournal
I've not disappeared and I am still writing, well when I get time, which hasn't been much lately.

The last month has been ridiculously busy as moving buildings at work was suddenly moved up and we found we'd got about two weeks to get ready for it. Ended up working more than another days worth of hours last week just to cover getting things packed up.

Currently (well it was currently when I was writing this but had no net to post) I'm staffing the front desk in the new building where I have no computer, phone or anything as its not arrived yet. My sole job for the next hour is to direct people to the lift to get them down to the floor the company I work for is occupying and hand them a badge. My actual desk which does have a computer is one floor down and partially underground where all I can see of the world is shoppers ankles as they walk past to get to the shopping centre.

Other than that the new offices are new. All glass and that pale wood desks and cabinets that are actually just laminated chipboard, its all on one level and there are enough computer points and sockets for everybody. I still do miss the old building, it was 150 years old and full of odd corners, short pieces of stairs that you went up but were still on the same floor. It seems odd not having to go down to the basement, with its dodgy lighting and those smooth white and green tiles like you'd find in underground stations, to get microfilm records.

Eleven years at the old building, good times and bad. Feels like the end of an era. Still onwards and upwards as they say, this move hopefully comes with the opportunity for further training and maybe in a couple of years a pay rise.
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