21 August 2007 @ 08:25 pm
Cardiff Torchwood meet-up  
I had so much fun this weekend :) so first things first, here are my photo's , not as many as I thought I was taking as I did have some minor camera problems – like not actually knowing how the camera worked for most of the time :) Some of the photos are framed a little odd as I later discovered that the image in the viewfinder wasn't the image that the camera was taking *cheers for great design feature*

16 August 2007 @ 10:40 pm
Off to Cardiff in less than ten hours and i've still got a ton of stuff to do - including actually getting some sleep.
Most stuff is packed, not taking the laptop with me though, mostly because I don't fancy it's chances of surviving being thrown into the baggage compartment of the coach and because i'll have no where secure to store it when I do get to Cardiff - so it's going to be internet cafes of nothing this weekend.

Still need to sort out the mp3 player so i've got something to listen to on the coach, make sure that my camera actually has batteries in it and that the phone is charged, and that i've thought to pack a hair brush. The amount of times that i've forgotten one or more of these things when going away is silly.

Off to do the dreaded ironing now as Fin's starting a new job on Monday and he need shirts etc ironed, because if I don't do it now i'll have to do it at like midnight on Sunday when I get back. I would ask him to do it, but I remember the last time I let him try :)

Will post with stuff about Cardiff and piccies on Monday :)
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13 August 2007 @ 05:04 pm
Going to Cardiff  

I know it's only Monday but i'm really looking forward to the weekend already - and it's not because of the suckiness of work for a change, it's because I actually have plans for this weekend :D
I've probably bored everybody with this before, but for all those that haven't heard, I'm going to Cardiff on Friday to meet up with a load of Torchwood and Doctor Who fans.  I'll probably take loads of photo and put them on photobucket if anybody is remotely interest.

As silly as it sounds I'm even looking forward to the eight and a half hour coach journey - yes i'm probably mad, but i've always liked travelling places, walking, car, coach, train, plane it doesn't really matter, it just like it.

I think it's the anonymity of it, the feeling of being free of the expectations of the people around you as they have none, because they don't know who you are. 

12 June 2007 @ 03:22 pm
Book my coach tickets to Cardiff  
I've booked all my tickets/accomodation for the Torchwood fan meet up in Cardiff in August.
I had been planning to drive, but petrol wise, once I actually sat down and worked out how much my car would use I've decided  to go public transport instead.

Really pleased with the deal that I got on National Express coaches,  they've got this funfare deal where tickets too and from London are only a £1 or £3. Ok this does mean it'll take all day to get from Bradford to Cardiff - this is mainly because it involves going via London. 
Oddly this route only takes about 45 minutes longer the direct Bradford to Cardiff coach ( how national express can call any of their routes direct I don't know) and saves me like £35/40 which is more than enough to pay for my two nights at Nomad, so I don't mind  the extra travel time at all :)

I am so looking forward to this. I haven't been out anywhere much in ages.

It'll be a bit odd travelling on the coaches again, haven't done that since my uni days (that does make me sound old doesn't it?) 
Wel at least I wont have as much stuff with me as the first time I went anywhere by National express - which was up to Bradford uni. Moving to uni by coach and only being able to take whatI could carry did at least meant that I didn't end up taking a load of stuff that I didn't need, did get one or two odd looks at the wok that I had tied to the outside of my backpack though.
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