29 December 2008 @ 06:09 pm
Back home again.  
Back in sunny Yorkshire again ;) and on the net again. Not too many emails (27), and although there are apparently 375 lj entries for me to catch up on.

Wasn't too bad on the trains, although they messed up the reserved seats on the way back - none of the reservations were being used as they'd have to change carriages in Edinburgh. Me and Fin still managed to get seat though, so that was alright.

It was good to see the in-laws again, but reminds me that I'm going to have to go and see my own family again sometime soon - as I've not been down there since last Christmas. The fact that my mum has been letting the cats sleep in my old bedroom when she knows that i'm allergic to them really isn't making the prospect all that appealing until the weather gets warmer again and I'll be able to have windows open - not that that particularly help.

Anyway, Christmas present wise, I got the first series of Torchwood on DVD from Fin :D Also got CD's the Automatic, the Feeling and Snow Patrol, and the second series of Criminal Minds.

Now to find enough hours in the day to watch them :D