20 July 2011 @ 10:56 pm
Free to watch TV online - legal site :)  
Okay I've just found out about this site from the Highlander webpage on facebook.  

Basically it has a mix of to buy and rent films and TV series that you pay for a lot like Itunes. Not sure if they are cheaper, it seems to be about £1.89 per episode. But it also as free contents as well.

It has all six series of Highlander the TV series free to watch (Which is why it got a mention on the Highlander facebook page) and some of the classic Doctor Who series as well. Also for free, Andromeda, Mutant X and Bloodties. There are some free films too.

The only downsides to the free stuff is: it's watch online only - there's no download option and there are advert breaks - which is how they provide it for free. But it's no worse than watching it on a TV channel with adverts, with about 4 ad breaks per show, the ad breaks are also fairly short, about a minute each.

Also on the subject of Highlander, there's plans to remake the original Highlander film. Not too sure what I think about that.