03 January 2013 @ 12:32 pm
Fic round of 2012  
So 2012 is is over an I thought I do a round up of all the fic I posted in 2012.

Fan fic word count = 66,150 words (posted fic). Original fic (written but not all posted.) 50500. Over all total written = 116,650.

I still need to get the rest of 'A Different Path' finished. The last part just isn't does want to work right at the moment.

I also should get around to posting the rest of my NaNo fic - as I've only posted about 8k of the 50k written.

list of 2012 fic with links and word counts )

I'm not sure what my word count goal should be for this year. Maybe to write a minimum of 2013 words a month. That's less than 500 per week, so should be do able.

I'll probably take part in a fest or two again this year, most likely Torchwood ones. I'm taking part in and running the Classic Torchwood bigbang again with posting in March/April.
I'd like to take part in Nanowrimo again - either the summer ones or the main one in November - depending on when I have the most time
I should really get my virtual series 4/sequel to Secrets and Hope posted. Maybe I should make my goal one 'episode' per month until it's finished. Although as I'm aiming for 10k per episode maybe that's a bit much - 10k per month for 10 months.

Anyway, last year was a good writing year, so I'm hoping for a good writing year this year too.