11 July 2011 @ 11:38 pm
Drabble: Under the Moonlight.  
Title: Under The Moonlight.
Characters/Pairing: Jack/Ianto.
Rating: R (very heavily implied sex)
Summary: Drabble. PWP. Jack and Ianto get naked on the beach.
A/N: For the prompt 'Nude'.

“I’ve talked my way out of worse than this.” Jack grins, carelessly throwing Ianto's shirt on the pile of clothing behind them. )
22 June 2011 @ 11:19 pm
Fic: Things That Call To Us. Owen/Suzie. NC17.  
Running a bit behind with part 2 of Things Lost and Found Along The Way, should hopefully have it ready for posting tomorrow night. It was supposed to be about 2k long, but going to be more like 3k now instead.

So in the mean time there this. Which should have been for the 2009 round of kink bingo.

Title:Things That Call To Us.
Rating: NC17
Word count: 1700
Contains: D/s elements, Knife play.
Summary: Pre-series. PWP. Suzie shows Owen the thrill of danger doesn't have to be confined to catching aliens.
A/N: Consensual, although rather lacking in the safe and sane departments as Suzie and Owen are their somewhat self-destructive selves.

Read more... )
01 February 2011 @ 08:16 pm
Fic: A Night to Remember.  
Kink-las round 1 challenge 3 entry. Still in the contest, not votes one way or the other this week. Need to start writing challenge 4, but have lurgy, and am slowly losing my voice, so I'm thinking sleep before writing this time.

Name: the-silver-sun
Kink prompt: Spanking
Fandom: Primeval
Story Title: A Night to Remember.
Character/Relationships: Captain Ryan/Nick Cutter
Warnings: none.

“You'll laugh,” Nick says defensively, sounding like he's expecting Ryan to make fun of him. )
16 January 2011 @ 11:48 pm
Kink-las round 2 fic: His Master's Voice.  
Made it through round 2 of [ profile] kink_las with this fic.

Title: His Master's Voice.
Fandom: Primeval
Characters: Captain Ryan/Captain Becker.
Rating: NC17
Prompt Used D/s
Additional information: Breath Play. AU (as Ryan and Becker never meet in canon)
Summary: Captain Becker is good at following orders, especially when they are given by the man he loves and respects.

“Thank you.” Becker salutes, crisp and precise, managing to look professional despite being completely naked. )
22 December 2010 @ 11:31 pm
Fic: Mad Men. Owen/Ianto. PWP.  
Story Title: Mad Men.
Character/Relationships: Ianto, Owen. Ianto/Owen.
Rating: nc17
Warnings: None.
Summary: With Jack missing, a fight between Ianto and Owen leads to sex.
A/N: PWP. This was written for [ profile] kink_las round one with the prompt of rough sex. It has been tidied up a bit since its posting there.

The rain is torrential as Owen and Ianto make their way back to the SUV, the tension and animosity that has been growing between them since Jack's disappearance an almost palpable present. )