04 June 2017 @ 06:02 pm
Still here  
I'm still around, although mostly only in AO3, not that I've been writing much lately.

I'm working on a couple of original fictions. And rediscovering the first show that I was huge fan of; Sharpe.

But for now here is a small, not entirely sure what it is. It's about reenactment at the battle of Bosworth, so Richard the third and all that. It's present tense and second person, so not a usual format.

A breeze stirs the August afternoon, the flags flap briefly upon their poles before they fall still. The sweltering silence stretches away in front of those gathered upon Bosworth field.

There are crowds, kept back safe behind the double roped barrier at the edge, but they barely seem there as the long, hot minutes slide past. The armour is heavy, the weight of it on your shoulders pushing you down into scrubby grass and nettles. Your helmet, held in place with a thick leather strap beneath your chin, bakes in the sun.

Sweat, wood smoke and the scent of food cooking drift around you, all smells they would have smelt. It is in this moment of all moments you know you have to remember them. The weight of history is upon you. Because once, so very long ago now, other people stood here. Fought here. Died here. This field ran with their blood. They were as you or I. It adds a layer to it all, a heaviness in its significance that is greater than the armour on your back. You hope the crowd gathered to watch understands, but you carry the fear they do not.

Yet you cannot dwell upon it. Time moves on for us all.

'Advance' comes the call down the line and you start to walk forward, the clank of armour about you and the tug of rough grass and weeds catching at your ankles. Behind you a drum beat starts. Heartbeat,footfall all to the same rhythm, all moving together as one. Then pipes somewhere away to your side begin. Joyful and bold, 'You march to victory' they sing.

You know the history, what you must portray, yet for a moment you can still believe.

A quarter of the distance is closed. Down the line the order to 'double' is given and you start to jog. It's harder to keep an even line, but still you try. The drum beat is rising faster, urging you on. Too fast now for the piper, and they fade and stop, but the mood is caught.

'Close' comes the final order. Pole arms are lowered ready for the attack. The first hiss of arrows take flight above your head, your comrades raining down on the enemy line. A moment later their archers respond in kind. You lower your head, protecting face and eyes from that lethal storm.

The drum beat stops, but your heart carries forward its rhythm. For a moment all is still. Then the two sides meet with sound of metal on wood and padded flesh. Now there is nothing but your place in the line now, nobody else matters but those who fight along side you. Alone you cannot win, together you cannot lose.

And in the end, when it is done, when the noise of the crowd comes back to you and your enemies are once more your friends, you take hope with you from that field.

You hope that those watching will take memories of today with them, that they will remember the history of the place, will remember those, who all those centuries ago, never got to go home to their friends and families.

You hope they see more than pageantry, but you fear that they do not.
27 April 2014 @ 04:24 pm
Werewolf original fiction, anybody interested in a read through (eventually)  

I know I'm not posting much fic at the moment, but there will be more eventually, and I've not forgotten about the being human Torchwood crossover fic, the next part will appear, it's just not going how I want it too yet.

What I am doing is finally getting down to writing my original werewolf fic set in and around Bradford, and of anything that I've written (original stuff that is) I actually think that this might be something I try for more than just posting on my journal, and actually go down the seeing if I can get it published route - or maybe self published as I think the gay main character would put off regular publishers, while the fact that the plot isn't about romance and it doesn't have any sex scenes is likely to rule it out for a fair amount of other places that might take it. So Amazon self publish or something like smash words might be where I one day go.

So would anybody be interested in giving it a read through, not a beta as such more just a 'does this seem like anybody would be interested in it' in the first instance. If anybody was I'd make it available to them through google docs as I can do it for just me and other people on invite only so it's not spread about the web in what could be thought of as a published version.

25 April 2014 @ 12:07 pm
Possible start (400 words) for my Yorkshire werewolf story -- any opinions?  
Placing my hands on the picture frame I closed my eyes and tried to look into its past. Something that would have been a lot easier, I thought irritably, if the valuer from the auction house wasn't standing far too close to me and if he weren't wearing the stinkiest aftershave ever.

I opened my eyes again and turned to him, before putting on my best 'I'm going to be professional about this voice' and said, "I really do need slightly more room to work, Mr Collins."

He nodded and stepped back. The aftershave lingered, but it was a bit more bearable, so I turned my attention back to the large painting in a gilt frame that was currently occupying most of the table top in the reading room. Which was both a stupid name for the place and an apt one too, as while it didn't have any books in it, it was where we carried outthe readings on any larger objects that were brought in or ones where the client wanted a bit more privacy. Us being the people who work at Carroll, Sahota and Binns Licensed Psychic Investigators. Well kind of, I was the most junior member and as yet my name, Nathan Hale, wasn't there on the letter heads, but I had my hopes that one day it might.

The box-like bull with stumpy legs stared at me from the painting with a boss-eyed expression. Thomas Weaver wannabe painter, but whether it was a bad forgery or something done in the tradition of by the apparently now collectable Yorkshire artist Hubert Thwaites was the question. Not that I'd ever heard of him or Thomas Weaver before Mr Collins had arrived. To be honest I couldn't see the attraction in his cube-like livestock who all apparently looked liked they'd got a case of lazy eye. I wouldn't want one in my house, not that my house was the kind of place you'd hang old paintings anyway. There was a reason I referred to it as the pit to all my friends.

Not that critiquing the paintings artistic merits or lack of was my job, that was for whoever was going to do the write up for the auction house catalogue. No, I was there to provide provenance by the only means available Collins Auction Houses at such short notice - a psychic historical reading. Lucky me, just how I wanted to spend my Friday evening. Not.
02 December 2012 @ 12:10 pm
Original fic: The Moonstone Slept. Written for [ profile] consci_fan_mo  
Title: The Moonstone Slept
Author: [ profile] the_silver_sun
Character(s)/pairings: A sentient rock called the Moonstone. No pairings.
Fandom and/or Prompt: Original fiction. Image prompt by [ profile] aeron_lanart
Rating: G
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Disclaimer: This was invented by me, if it accidentally resembles anything by anyone else I'm sorry. Written for [ profile] consci_fan_mo

As old as time the Moonstone has slept in the high hills )
04 October 2012 @ 08:05 am
Sarpedon - part 3.  
Title: Sarpedon.
Words: This part 2650 words (Total posted 7250/55,000)
Genre type information: Military Adventure set in a no magic fantasy setting with technology roughly equivalent to 1830-40 western Europe, but are starting to develop steampunk type technology. Story also has a very secondary m/m relationship subplot.
Advisories: Death and injury related to war of both people and animals.

Summary Transporting a cargo of rifles through the mountains to the small fort at Timballie should have been a routine job, but as events take a turn for the worse, Lieutenant Jago Sarpedon finds that the situation in Sitherand may be far more unstable than he'd suspected.

Read more... )
06 September 2012 @ 09:24 pm
Original fic: Sarpedon part 2.  
Title: Sarpedon.
Words: This part 2600 words (Total posted 4600/55,000)
Genre type information: Military Adventure set in a no magic fantasy setting with technology roughly equivalent to 1830-40 western Europe, but are starting to develop steampunk type technology. Story also has a very secondary m/m relationship subplot.
Advisories: Death and injury related to war of both people and animals.

Summary Transporting a cargo of rifles through the mountains to the small fort at Timballie should have been a routine job, but as events take a turn for the worse, Lieutenant Jago Sarpedon finds that the situation in Sitherand may be far more unstable than he'd suspected.

Link to first part:

part 2 under the cut )
31 August 2012 @ 11:05 pm
Camp NaNoWriMo winner :)  
So Camp NNoWriMo ends in about an hour and a quarters time here in the UK, but I've just validated my word count and I have 50152 words - which means I win :) Okay I win an icon, a certificate I have to fill in myself, and a discount for a writing program than I'm not sure I'll buy, but I won. And I have writing the single longest story that I've written, and at just over 50k it's not actually finished - it probably needs another 10k of descriptions and in some parts scenes that are partially or in some cases entirely missing.

So here's the banner certificate thing. I just gave the story the name of the main character, I didn't want to call it 'untitled military adventure proto-steampunk thing'

cert under cut )

If anybody is interested in the rather disjointed and all over the place files that make up the 50152 words they can be found here (because this is my 4th back up place so I don't lose it)

And despite it not being finished at 50k, a lot of the characters who'd very much decided to do their own thing (particularly Cade, Lady Ansela and General Medon) and the viking-esque Sergeant Draken Krell with his many blue tattoo, the obnoxious Sir Organzo Vayas and the unpleasant but mysterious even to me (because even I'm not sure what his real goal is) Dr Aubin Metrian who all just appeared as they weren't even in the original plot outline, I've ended up with ideas for a sequel or two (Because I couldn't get an undercover spying plot line, the theft of an airship and industrial espionage in to this story as it was already full of explosions, mysterious deaths, dashing bandits (who also decided they wanted to be very complicated political revolutionaries as well), semaphore towers, coded messages, surprise airships and daring night raids to blow up bridges.)

So yes, that's camp nano done. Sort of. Although I'll still keep working on it. And now I need to start sorting out the Primeval bigbang that's due for November, a Christmas exchange fic, my horror bingo card and seeing if there is any interest in holding a second round of the classic Torchwood big bang.
21 August 2012 @ 12:12 am
Camp NaNoWriMo update - reached the 30k point  
Time for another campnanowrimo update, as it's been a few days since the last one. I was at a family wedding over the weekend (it was a great one too, and Alexander really seemed to enjoy being a pageboy) so didn't have a chance to do any writing on Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

That said I was a little ahead before, and I've managed to get 2611 words written today, so the word count stands at 30021 as of midnight. Please to break the 30k. The next big number for me is 33.5k - which is know seems a bit random, but that is the word count for the longest thing I've written, so going past that will be good.

Anyway, the target for tomorrow is to make a little bit more of the word count, going to be aiming for 2k tomorrow, rather than 2.5 as I aimed for today, as I've not got a big scene that I'm writing (which was what helped to get today's word count so high)

Even with the three days of no writing, I'm still mostly on track, about 2k behind where I need to be, but that's only the equivalent of making up an extra 200 words a day between now and the end of the month, so really not that bad - especially if I can get another writing day in like today.

and here is yet another excerpt )
16 August 2012 @ 08:27 am
Another nano update.  
I've now crossed the half way point - word count now stands at 25,839 - so I've hit the target for the day and it's not even half eight in the morning yet.
That said I really still need to write another 1 to 2k today as I won't get much chance after tonight (I might be able to get half an hour in before I need to get the train tomorrow morning, but I'm not counting on it) for writing until Sunday night. So I'd like to be at least 2k ahead of where I need to be today, so that I've not go so much to make up later - I really dislike having to play catch up.

obligatory by now excerpt from story )
15 August 2012 @ 02:41 pm
Guess what? Another NaNo update  
Okay, time for another camp nano update again. I'm still writing and the current word count stand at 23434 (plus what's in the notebook to be typed so so it's probably more like 24000)

So the story is ticking on fine and is on track to hit the 50k by the end of the month. A few of the characters are turning out rather differently than I'd planned - and Cade seem to be turning into Mycroft Holmes (the Gattis one), my uncomplicated outlaw is now a political revolutionary in hiding who also had an orphaned neice, and the most important generals, Medon, (there are a three that appear in the story Torgan, Medon and Messillian) has gained a wife, and the backstory that he was born biologically female, but has lived his life as male - although this plays very little part in his characterisation - the main things are that he's a brilliant tactitian, a political reformist and loves his wife.

And now for the latest bit - about 400 words - of what I've written )
13 August 2012 @ 11:41 am
20k point for campnanowrimo reached  
Thirteen days into campnanowrimo and I've just hit the 20k word count. Going to aim for 21500 by then end of today as I'm trying to build up a bit extra as I won't have much time to write this weekend as I'm off to a family wedding. So from about 9am Friday to Sunday afternoon/evening is going to be computer access free. So I'm going to try to get about 2.5k ahead of where I need to be by Friday, so all so I'll only have to write on Sunday is 1.5 to stay on track.

And here's yet another random excerpt - although this is for much later in the story than were I'm currently writing - the scene demanded to be written now. )
11 August 2012 @ 09:02 am
Nanowrimo - the main November one  
Okay, this is possibly a little early, but so far I'm enjoying taking part in CampNaNoWriMo, and I'm thinking of taking part in the November one as well.

Contemporary fantasy idea for the November NaNoWriMo )
04 August 2012 @ 11:50 pm
Camp NaNoWriMo update  
Keeping up with the nano schedule so far, currently at 6511 words on day four. I've added at word count widget to my user info page as the official nano ones only seem to work for the main November nano, so aren't keeping track. 

for anybody who is interested here's the first 200 words of so of my story for camp nanowrimo )
05 July 2012 @ 10:24 am
What I'm up to - or I'm doing to nanowrimocamp in August  
Okay, so I've been fairly quiet lately, mostly because I was working on the collab fest with Harkpad02, but that's done and posted now.

So my next writing project is actually going to be original fic. Yes, really.

I'm going to be taking part in campnanowrimo - which is basically Nanowrimo but is happening in August rather than November. I posted about it here and mentioned the two ideas that I've got for stories.

I've decided that I'm going with the low to no magic fantasy setting with Regency England level of tech, but in the early stages of developing steampunk type tech. The story itself is a military type adventure, with a secondary m/m romance plot. There's more about the setting in the previous post I linked to above.

I'm all signed up over at as silversun and have already got a cabin (supposed to like a group of writing buddies, I think)  I've been put in with three 13 year olds from Mexico, and somebody in their 30's in the US who so far hasn't said anything on the message board.

So anybody else on my flist taking part? or has taken part in a nano or campnano before?

I'm planning everything out in advance - overview, and then a scene by scene break down. Basically my reasoning is that way if I get stuck on a particular bit, rather than getting slowed down trying to make it work I can skip ahead or back and get the word count up by writing a different bit.