15 April 2014 @ 01:10 pm
10 prompts I will be using to write Rivers of London fan fic  
Don't look back/Don't look Heartstrings Pity Falling Apart Strung Along
Vigil Separate Ways Deserted Exhausted Abandon
13 May 2007 @ 09:00 pm
Table for fanfic50  
001.Finish icon002.Nothing003.Alone icon004.Desperate fic005.Down icon
006.Tongue007.Hair icon008.Kiss icon009.Smile icon010.Imagine
011.Defy icon012.Notice013.Celebrate014.Morgue icon015.Charm
016.Bath017.Dance fic018.Scream019.Kick020.Feel
021.Stutter022.Learn023.Fight024.Steal025.Fascinate icon
026.Forget027.Hurt028.Never029.Close fic030.Fade
036.Dress fic037.Admit038.Chance039.Believe fic040.Dream
041.Shine icon042.Tied043.Conspire044.Couple fic 045.Undercover
046.Care047.Creep048.Empty fic 049.Bones050.Writers' Choice

Ok this is the prompt table that i will be using for fanfic50. Yes my choice is Torchwood.
25 of these will be fics, 25 will be icons. As each story/Icon is finished I will link it to the table.