18 April 2008 @ 07:52 pm
Back online and lots of ranting.  

Stupid laptop HDD has fallen over, I've managed to reinstall the old spare one, but dependant on whether the main one will work in an exteral enclosure I may have lost everything i've written since my last major back up two month ago - is really not happy about this. 
Consequently i've had to drop out of Tardis_bigbang because there is no way i'm going to be able to send in an anything like finnished fic by the end of the month, and i've had to drop out on the art side of it too as all my brushes, screen caps etc are on the knackered hard drive.

And I can't even afford any major repairs/replacements as the company that my other half works for is laying people off, him included.  So much for the hope of  having enough money to make more reenactment events this summer.

I really could do without all this shit, as there is a whole of of family stuff going on as well. So right now i'm just witing for the next thing to go wrong.

On the brightside I did manage to send of my round three entry for writer in a drawer by doing the sneaky post from work thing.  Although considering how things have been going for me lately i'll probably be voted out.

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Current Mood: pissed off