29 February 2012 @ 01:01 pm
Fic: Time Enough and Life  
Title: Time Enough and Life.
Characters/pairings: Jack/Ianto, team, past Ianto/Lisa mentioned.
Word count: 23,900
Rating: nc17
Warnings: None.
Contains Sex scene. Temporary character death.
Beta: [ profile] mcparrot
Artist: [ profile] mella68
Summary: Writing up the report on the Night Travellers, Jack finds one line in the Electro guide book that confuses him – it closed in 1977. It leaves him with one question, how did Ianto watch films there if it closed six years before he was born?
The answer is one he never expected, and the consequences for them both could change everything.

A/N: The guide book about the Electro can be found here [ profile] iantos_desktop Electro guidebook The guide book was one of the extras from the BBC Torchwood series 2 website. And a big thank you to [ profile] mcparrot for betaing this for me, even when the projected length of the story increased from 16k to nearly 24k.

Artwork will be added here once I've got a link to it.


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The story can be found here as a pdf HERE