01 May 2012 @ 02:38 pm
Writer's Block: Supersoldiers vs. The Others  
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I suppose the main one for me would be Torchwood, because there's pretty much nothing left of the show I started watching. (Not just the characters, but the setting, character's back stories and even the vibe of the world it's set it. Not to mention the fact that it changed from stand alone episode single overblown storylines and moved to a different country.)

Fixing it. Okay here goes. Since the Hub was blown up pressure has been building up in the Rift, and it eventually goes off. Queue people, aliens and who knows what else falling through into Cardiff.

The Hub is at the centre of it and Jack and Gwen (who have come back from who knows where) can interact with all the Torchwood 3 staff who've ever worked there - which includes Owen, Ianto and Tosh.

They all have to work together to fix the Rift. Tosh would get to work with Harriet Derbyshire to figure out how to get the Rift back to normal.

They soon realise the only way to stabilise the Rift is to set of a series of temporal explosions within it, but because of how it needs to be timed somebody from each time has to remain in the Hub to do it. What will happen to them they can't be sure.

Harriet agrees to be the one in her time and Tosh in hers, Jack says he'll do the one in the present.

Everybody does their goodbyes, because they don't know what will happen. Harriet's set off fine, but when it comes to Tosh's the destabilised Rift has caused the Hub to lockdown, meaning Owen and Ianto are stuck with her. They agree to set it off any way.
Finally Jack sets of his.

Big explosion, and when the dust settles the ruins of the Hub have become a mixture of Harriets time and the Hub as was just before it was destroyed. And in the Hub are Tosh, Owen, Ianto and Harriet.
With Jack, they all use the invisible lift back up to the Plas and meet up with Gwen. Torchwood 3 is back.
21 June 2008 @ 09:52 am
Freema Agyeman in new, well remade sci-fi/drama  
Just been trawling through the bbc press releases, trying to find if there is anything more on the newly commissioned series of Being Human (there wasn't anything new by the way) and found this 

Basically the BBC are going to remake the 1970's sci-fi/drama Survivors, and Freema Agyeman is going to be in it, with a fairly major part by the looks of things - the part she's got is one of character who was a main character in all of the original three series of Survivors.  It seems like it's filming at the moment for broadcast later this year.

Wonder what this means for her being in later episodes of Doctor Who and or Torchwood - maybe she'll just come back and do guest appearances, that would be good.
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21 February 2008 @ 10:54 am
Being Human.  
Did anybody else see Being Human, a supernatural themed drama, it was on BBC3 after Torchwood last night? It had Russell Tovey in it, who played Midshipman Frame in Voyage of the Damned.  

It's a shame it was only a one off as I thought it would make for a good series, as there was still so much more that you didn't about the characters and the set up for what could have become an on going storyline.
10 June 2007 @ 09:48 pm
Rome's back on :)  
I've just seem the trailer for series 2 of Rome :)  it will start on the 20th June on BBC2. About time too, being as when the last series ended the BBC said that it would be back early next year - June is, i'm sure, is by no stretch of the imagination is early in anyones year.
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07 June 2007 @ 10:16 am
Fan's get Jericho uncancelled  
Although it's not a show I watch, mainly due to lack of time, it's nice to know that some TV companies actually listen to their fans.
Fans save Jericho from cancellation 

I just wish this could have happened for Firefly.