05 September 2009 @ 04:10 pm
Where has the time gone?  
Baby is due next Saturday, and could turn up at any time now, and I've still not got everything done that needs doing.

Assembled the cot today - because I finally managed to get rid of the sofa bed and have room for it. Washing baby clothes and trying to work out if there is anything that I really need that I haven't got yet.

I also got a load of writing to finish. Still working on part 12 of Song as Old as Time, part 5 of Secrets and Hope, as well as the two big bangs.

TW-bigbang is taking priority at the moment as it needs to be pretty much finished by the 28th September, which basically means I need to get as much of it done before baby gets here as possible. I've got 2k written in the last 2 days, so currently at 6k with a 15k target, so hopefully it will be possible to get it done on time. Sci-fi bigbang is sort of on the back burner for a bit, it's all planned out, but since it doesn't have to be in draft stage until the end of Oct. it's not top priority writingwise.

This site has been helpful in getting me writing a bit quicker than I normally do, as you set yourself a deadline of words and time, ie 250 words in the next 10mins, and it keeps a counter for you. If you stop typing (depending on the setting you have it on) the screen will flash red or it will beeb at you until you start again. It's tag line is putting the Prod in Productivity.

Baby and mother in law visiting related stuff - probably not that interesting.  )