06 May 2013 @ 11:21 pm
Being Human - series 5 finale.  
I thought that I had posted about the Being Human series 5 finale back when it was on, but apparently I didn't.

Spoilers and speculation on the Being Human series 5 finale and the extra scene on the DVD of the series. )

Also yet another plot bunny. A Torchwood/Being Human crossover fic. AU from part way through series 5 of Being Human (Tom doesn't go back to the house with Alex following the whole thing with Larry) and post Children of Earth for Torchwood.

Following the events of Children of Earth, Andy who is disillusioned by everything that has happened, leaves the police and ends up working in mid Wales on small holding that had belonged to a relative who'd been wanting to retire. Not really looking at farming as a livelihood Andy sets about turning the smallholding into a campsite.

Tom who's just drifting ends up there at some point and helps Andy with some of the repairs.

The something odd starts happening and Andy and Tom start looking into it.

Not sure exactly where I'd take it from there, apart from that it would end up being Tom/Andy and that there would be some vampires who'd set up a dogfight (For anyone not familiar with Being Human the vampires catch a couple of Werewolves, put them in a big cage and bet on which one will survive the fight.)

I'm thinking that Tom gets caught, wins his fight, but is hurt. Andy helps rescue him, but realises that he needs help as well if he's going to put a stop to it happening again.

Andy calls Gwen. Gwen arrives with Jack and Ianto with her. Andy just goes 'you know what, after all the aliens, werewolves and vampires, people coming back from the dead just doesn't seem all that shocking any more'

I don't think Andy and Tom would join Torchwood though. I think they'd stay and run their campsite, but if they were needed they would always come to help.
28 April 2013 @ 07:13 pm
Writing and another plot bunny - yes really.  
Okay, I've actually made a start on the Children of Earth re-write. First part re-plotted and about 1.5k written.

First fic for Torchwood-fest is nearly complete. Second fic for Torchwood-fest about half written.

And now for the bunnies.

From comment fic. An old, old Torchwood prompt from about 4 years ago.
Prompt theme for day was slave fic. Prompt given was Torchwood, Jack/Ianto. After months of searching, Ianto finds his Captain in a horrible place and situation.

Prompt meet brain. Brain goes, spoilers for house of the dead radioplay )
11 June 2012 @ 01:55 pm
Plot bunny organisational post  
To try and avoid the fic search of fail again I've decided that having a sticky post with all my plot bunnies on it is the way forward.

This isn't a complete list as yet as I need to go through the old memory stick that has the files from my old lap top from three years+ ago, and the numerous note pads to sort out if anything is work keeping.

incomplete list of plot bunnies )

I will add more fic ideas to this later.
14 July 2011 @ 02:12 pm
Plot bunny in need of a home.  
Plot bunny for the Torchwood radio play House of the Dead.

Plot bunny for House of the Dead has spoilers for House of the Dead. )
17 August 2009 @ 08:38 pm
I really don't need any more plot ideas...but  
Okay I've got far to many fics that I need to complete first but here's my latest plot bunny. It's post CoE and is a sort of fix it fic, although not exactly as it still recognises all the events of CoE, and would be my first attempt at writing from Gwen's pov.

My brother is sort of to blame for the basis of this idea (although he doesn't know I write fic, he's probably as big a fan of the show as me, and still flatly refuses to believe that the end of second two was it for Owen) Any way basically he wondered why CoE spoiler )

Convergence - In an infinite number of worlds there are an infinite number of outcomes.

post CoE fix it idea  )

So do people thing this bunny might be worth going somewhere with?
26 June 2009 @ 03:51 pm
It's another plot bunny  
The Year That Never Was. Everybody forgot that it happened. Except those on board the Valiant.

So the Doctor, Martha, Martha's family, Jack, the Master and Lucy......And all the UNIT soldiers and crew that were on board, which to staff something the size of an aircraft carrier must have been a lot of people.  

So what happened to those UNIT soldiers and the crew? They all remember what happened, and had to survive living on the Valiant with the Master for a year, presumably having to do everything that he told them to if they wanted to stay alive.

Those have got to be some pretty awful memories.

So the plot bunny.

What if the soldier Jack talked to in a bar (the one mentioned in Journeys End)  was one of the UNIT soldiers that had been on board the Valiant.  Why did they choose to meet up? A need to talk to somebody who understands just what happened? Had the soldier been kind to Jack during that year, maybe at a cost to himself, and Jack meets up with him to see how he's managing?