18 January 2008 @ 09:34 pm
Free time? What is this free time you speak of.  
I know, I know I really need to update this more, but somehow I never seem to find the time lately, mostly because work has been kind of nuts for the last couple of weeks. 

So far this month we've had half the office off sick (of there's only 7 of us I my department, but still), the computer network go down, somebody got stuck in the lift, the computer update stopped all the barcoded document filing system from working (and it still isn't working), all the internal doors jammed open and the external door jammed shut (they are on an electric circuit and the fire alarm is somehow connected to it and that's what caused the problem) and the single status review I was supposed to do got rescheduled to an unspecified date.

All that in two weeks. I'm so looking forward to the rest of the month ;)

Anyway on with the obligatory Torchwood 2x01 review post.  (This will contain spoilers for Torchwood 2x01)

Also the Torchwood game on the BBC website is made is win for a lot of reasons, not least the fact that you get an email from Ianto :)  
(okay i know it's the bbc automated email service, but seeing an email in your inbox that says it's from Ianto is still pretty cool)