18 July 2017 @ 12:45 am
Still around  
I’ve not really been around that much online recently due to health issues. Let’s say that Strep infection and Uterus should not go together. Hospital thought it was my appendix or gallbladder that had gone bad initially.

So I spent a week in hospital with some nice IV antibiotics, got have a CT scan, a CT guided aspiration (giant comedy size needle to drain a sac of pus), was given 2 units of blood, and was told I have a fibroid the size of a grapefruit that will probably need surgery. Had biopsy of said fibroid (results pending until mid August)

I also apparently have a high pain threshold and am too stubborn to let being very anaemic slow me down. (They took the reading and decided it was so low they’d give me blood - I’d been hiking only a few days before.)

Well anyway I’m back at work now, making sure stuff gets done.I’m trying to be sensible about actually listening to my body when it says I’m tired or something hurts, but generally I suck at it.
Not much writing getting done, NaNoWriMo didn’t end up happening. But I’m working on a sequel to an old fic I wrote about 5 years back about the 9th Doctor and Ianto (Torchwood), where the 9th Doctor didn’t regenerate into 10 and Ianto is the companion.
10 August 2014 @ 04:40 pm

Because obviously when it is the nearly the middle of August the most logical thing to be writing a fic about is Christmas in 1945 and what a police inspector who is also wizard should buy for his un-ageing, probably only half human housekeeper. Still it's just about writing itself, 2k written this afternoon, it should be posted on Thursday, as it's pretty much just editing now. At least it means I've got until the end of the month to write the longer fics that I need to post.

10 April 2014 @ 01:10 pm
Too many things to write.  
I have too many things I want to write and nowhere near enough free time to write them in.

I need to finish Lives are for Living - only another 7 parts, but still that's about 20k going by the last few parts.

The other half of a Reset AU.

I've got a Primeval fic that's been 3/4 finished for ages that I need to finish and post.

I'm getting plot bunnies for yet another fandom - Rivers of London.

I'm also signed up for a fic exchange and a big bang over the summer.

And I want to write my original fic, the urban fantasy one about werewolves in and around Bradford. I think it's tied in with all the redevelopment in the city centre, the whole tunnels project thing that got the brain going. It also helps that I've finally worked out the secondary character who I was never really that happy with before - Mr cute and slightly snarky with a motorbike, was pretty much all there was to him and MC might as well have been having conversations with a talking action figure. He's now Mr debonaire (in all contrast with his upbringing) with a poorly concealed chip on his shoulder, restores classic bikes and really isn't all he seems to be.

I really really want to start writing, but know that if I do I'll get so side tracked I won't end up writing the other stuff or I will still write it but it'll be because I feel like I have too rather than because I want to, and I don't want writing to be like that.

I just need a couple of weeks where I can just write - however that isn't going to happen. With little one starting school in September I need to start saving all my holidays from work to cover the school ones for later in the year. Having a couple of weeks to myself, or honestly even a weekend, is something that's not going to happen for years and years to come.
31 August 2013 @ 06:12 pm
More fic ideas and a bit of a writing update.  
Continuing to write and post my Being Human/Torchwood crossover fic (despite it apparently being the least popular thing I've written, I'm still having fun writing it.)

Looking at the word count for this month I've realised that I've written and posted 16,000 words of fic this month - with about another 5000 words written but not posted. To keep on track for all that I want to write this year I need to keep that kind of word count every month for the next four months.

And even though I've got a load of other stories to write I'm still getting more ideas.

More story ideas that I don't have time to write (yet any way)

five fic ideas. 1 Torchwood and 4 Being Human. )
10 August 2013 @ 07:20 pm
I tend to plot out stories before I write them, either a rough outline or a brief view of what happens in each chapter just so I can keep track of what is going on.

Anyway, I've finally got round to doing the part by part version for Lives are for Living. I'd estimated 15 parts of about 1750 words each based on my rough outline. Yeah, that's so not happening.

I know I normally underestimate how long a fic is going to be (Anybody who has beta'd for me knows just how much fic tends to be over my initial estimate. My last big bang was about 8000 words more than I'd thought it would be.)

Any how, I've just divided the plot into parts, as the parts alternate in their POV between Andy and Tom (Odd numbered chapters are Andy, even ones Tom.) and it now runs to about 35 parts of about 1750 each. Or about 61250 words. So about 35000 words over my initial rough estimate.

I'm just looking at the list and going wow at the moment, because it will be the longest anything that I've written, and even if I post twice a week it's going to be nearly Christmas before I'm finished.

It's just as well it seems to be writing itself. Next part will be up tomorrow as it's mostly written right now, I just need to get it to a point were I can finished Andy's POV and switch to Tom's for part 4 (which should be posted on Wednesday.)
13 August 2012 @ 11:41 am
20k point for campnanowrimo reached  
Thirteen days into campnanowrimo and I've just hit the 20k word count. Going to aim for 21500 by then end of today as I'm trying to build up a bit extra as I won't have much time to write this weekend as I'm off to a family wedding. So from about 9am Friday to Sunday afternoon/evening is going to be computer access free. So I'm going to try to get about 2.5k ahead of where I need to be by Friday, so all so I'll only have to write on Sunday is 1.5 to stay on track.

And here's yet another random excerpt - although this is for much later in the story than were I'm currently writing - the scene demanded to be written now. )
11 August 2012 @ 12:25 am
Camp NaNoWriMo update  
Yes, I'm still going, and still on target, actually I've about 200 words over for today's goal (which isn't actually enough as I'm not going to get any writing time next weekend because of the inlaws wedding)

Anyway, word count is now 16,352.

not sure if anybody is even reading this, but this is a bit that I wrote today. )
08 August 2012 @ 12:17 am
Camp NaNoWriMo update  
Yet another post to say yes I'm still typing away. The word count as just passed the 11k mark now so I'm on track for 50k by the end of the month. The story I don't think has a chance of being finished in 50k though as 11k is probably no more than 10-15% into the story. So probably looking like it'll need 75k - making it twice as long as anything I've ever written before.

and here's a bit more of what I've written )
06 August 2012 @ 07:56 am
Camp NaNoWriMo update  
Still working away on Camp NaNoWriMo, and have just passed the 8000 word mark - next stop 10k :)

most resent 200 or so words written )
04 August 2012 @ 11:50 pm
Camp NaNoWriMo update  
Keeping up with the nano schedule so far, currently at 6511 words on day four. I've added at word count widget to my user info page as the official nano ones only seem to work for the main November nano, so aren't keeping track. 

for anybody who is interested here's the first 200 words of so of my story for camp nanowrimo )
08 May 2012 @ 09:48 am
Broke the 50k word count.  
I've just checked the word counts for what I've posted fic wise this year and the total now stands at 52,340.

So with any luck I'm on target to get the 150k posted by the end of the year I set myself.
22 April 2012 @ 08:18 pm
Didn't quite realise how much I'd written this year.  
Back in January I said that I'd aim to post a drabble a week. Now the drabble a week hasn't happened, but for the actual amount of words posted it has gone far above the 1600 words that a drabble a week would have produced.

Posted word counts.
January: 2300
February: 26,000 and two pieces of cover art.
March: 3500
April: 13,400 and one piece of cover art.

So that's 45,200 word of fic posted since 1st of January this year, and April isn't even done yet.

So scaling this up by the end of the year I'll hopefully have in the region of 135,000 words of fic written. Perhaps I should aim for a nice round 150,000.

If I actually get the virtual series finished that will be 100,000 on it's own, and some of that is already written, about 20k split between the 10 'episodes.'

I know I can write between 3000 and 5000 words a week when I'm being organised. So if I can keep that up who knows what the final word count will be.
05 September 2009 @ 04:10 pm
Where has the time gone?  
Baby is due next Saturday, and could turn up at any time now, and I've still not got everything done that needs doing.

Assembled the cot today - because I finally managed to get rid of the sofa bed and have room for it. Washing baby clothes and trying to work out if there is anything that I really need that I haven't got yet.

I also got a load of writing to finish. Still working on part 12 of Song as Old as Time, part 5 of Secrets and Hope, as well as the two big bangs.

TW-bigbang is taking priority at the moment as it needs to be pretty much finished by the 28th September, which basically means I need to get as much of it done before baby gets here as possible. I've got 2k written in the last 2 days, so currently at 6k with a 15k target, so hopefully it will be possible to get it done on time. Sci-fi bigbang is sort of on the back burner for a bit, it's all planned out, but since it doesn't have to be in draft stage until the end of Oct. it's not top priority writingwise.

This site has been helpful in getting me writing a bit quicker than I normally do, as you set yourself a deadline of words and time, ie 250 words in the next 10mins, and it keeps a counter for you. If you stop typing (depending on the setting you have it on) the screen will flash red or it will beeb at you until you start again. It's tag line is putting the Prod in Productivity.

Baby and mother in law visiting related stuff - probably not that interesting.  )